World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll (April) Is This Legit?

World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll (April) Is This Legit? >> The write-up shares details about the new tissue healer and deodorizer so that buyers can make the right choice.    

Are you looking for nutrient-rich liquid to repair tissues, purify the blood, and support the liver to make more red blood cells? If your answer is affirmative, then start using Liquid Chlorophyll by World Organic. It is the mineral and nutrient-rich chlorophyll prescribed to repair tissues, increase red blood cells, and purify the blood organically. 

You can consider it a natural deodorizer for your inner health and wellbeing. It is also used by many people in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States as a tissue healer. Users can enjoy a concentrated solution of pure chlorophyll in each dose of World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

It is sourced organically from alfalfa leaves grown and harvested at the certified facility using organic methods. 

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What is Liquid Chlorophyll by World Organic?

Liquid Chlorophyll by World Organic is the all-natural fat-soluble nutrient available as a water-dispersible supplement for faster and effective results. The product is manufactured using organically derived high-quality alfalfa leaves. It works to support photosynthesis in the body, which is necessary for the building block of life. 

The product is uniquely formulated as an isotonic solution, and it is similar in osmotic compatibility with the blood. However, users must not consider World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll as the cure, treatment, or prevention of diseases.     

The product only helps purify the blood, repair the tissues, and support the liver to produce red blood cells. You may consider it as the deodorizer for your internal wellbeing and use it for tissue repairing jobs. 

Specifications of the Product

  • First Available Date – 2nd Oct 2001 (Currently Unavailable)
  • Dimension – 0.7-×0.93×1.2 inches
  • Weight – 1.6 ounces
  • Brand – World Organics
  • Type – Organic Supplement   
  • Ingredients – Isotonic Water Solution, extract of organic alfalfa leaves, spearmint oil, and more. 
  • Per Serving Size – One Tablespoon  

Pros of World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

  • Organically formulated isotonic supplement
  • Deodorizer for internal wellbeing
  • Tissue repair benefits
  • Supports liver for more red blood cell production
  • Purifies the blood naturally  

Cons of the Product

  • The product is presently unavailable for purchase
  • FDA does not evaluate the claims
  • The result delivery may vary from person to person

Is it Legit or a Scam?

After evaluating the product, we found that it is presently not available on some ecommerce portals. It becomes challenging to evaluate such products. However, it seems legit due to the following reasons. 

  • The product has been in existence since 2001 and built good trust in the past 20 years
  • The product has received different reviews from customers, and customers shared positive reviews on World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll with a 4.4-star rating
  • The product is all-natural made with organically sourced ingredients and no fuss involved 

These reasons are enough to confirm its legitimacy. 

Customer Reviews

The product has received mixed reviews with a 4.4-star rating. Many users are satisfied with the results, while a few are not happy. 

Since it comprises a substance, Polysorbate 80, it can’t be labeled as organic. So, they claimed that calling it organic is misleading. Besides, some users have not found any results with the product. So, they shared negative feedback. 


World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll is the product that can repair tissues, increase RBC and optimize inner wellbeing. The product seems legit, but it has garnered mixed reviews, and it calls for in-depth research before buying it. 

Have you ever ordered the product? Please share your experience in the comments section below. 

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