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Workatm.org Reviews {Mar} Review Of Online Job Scam

Workatm.org Reviews {Mar} Review Of Online Job Scam -> Analysis and Review of online job recruiting website work scams

In the United States and many countries, cases of online job scams are increasing. Due to the COVID pandemic, many lost their jobs and are always looking out for one.

Thus, the rise in work from home jobs to survive and stay safe while earning increases. But are these websites offering such jobs legit? Let’s check one such website, the Workatm.org Reviews to figure out its legitimacy.

What is workatm.org?

As we try to open the website, the link doesn’t open; instead, it redirects us to a different website that claims to offer $500 per day upon visit and enter your email id to get started.

The offer appears attractive to anyone, but it is from the redirected website, making it very suspicious. 

Continue reading our workatm.org review for complete analysis and understanding.

How did you learn about workatm.org?

Many people claim to have received a voicemail from the website informing they were found through an online job portal for employment and inviting them to watch a video and start their work to earn 500$ in just a day. 

Surprisingly these people who received unsolicited mails never listed themselves on any job recruitment platforms.

Hence it’s very uncertain, and people need to be cautious.

Is the website a Scam?

Let’s see the essential points for a better analysis of the  workatm.org review.

The website is created and launched recently on Tuesday, 16th, February 2021. This hints at the site to be dubious as no business can be set in a short time to offer services and jobs in huge pay-outs without having a smooth, stable company.

Essential information of owner, contact details, phone number, and address are missing, and most are hidden on the website. Other factors like ranking on different platform and Alexa rank is quite negative.

Talking about safety, the SSL certification is missing along the HTTPS protocols makes it unsafe.

What is the online workatm.org review?

The few reviews published are very pessimistic. People claim the site as Fake and dubious as some have been trapped and lost their money while others warn them to stay away.

The social media reviews on Facebook and other platforms are harmful as well.


The above analysis brings the website into suspicion as it doesn’t open and redirects to a different site. Reviews overall are harmful, and the website is just a few weeks old. Hence, we wouldn’t recommend our readers to work or visit the website since it appears to be a scam. Please do your research and Review before making any decision.

The scam is positively taking place in the United StatesIt’s crucial to be alert before going through Workatm.org Reviews and aware of such online scams and save yourself from financial fraud.

Have you come across this website online or received any emails? Please share your experience in the comments sections below to enlighten and help others.

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