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Please read about Wordle Heardle Wordle musical puzzle game that became popular as ‘That Daily Musical Intros Game’.

Heardle is a musical puzzle game launched Worldwide on 2nd March 2022. It gained immense popularity and a great Alexa ranking of 9,762! Heardle achieved an average business ranking of 58.4 within three weeks!

Did you know that Heardle is a spin-off of the Wordle game? More than forty spin-offs of the Wordle game are currently on the internet. Heardly is made for music lovers familiar with pop, rock, hip-hop and electro. Let’s learn more about Wordle Heardle Wordle.


In Heardle, the user needs to guess the artist’s name and the music album from which the music track is played on the Heardle website. Like Wordle, the users will get six attempts to guess the correct answer. The users aim to guess the correct music artist and album in the lowest number of attempts possible to score a good ranking.

Heardle gives the option to share the correct answers on social media, contributing to its popularity. Heardle has the simplest and most user-friendly interface. The website’s home page directly takes you to listen to the music track and enter your answers.

About Wordle Heardle game creation:

Heardle is integrated with SoundCloud to generate one random music track daily. Each day a new music track is played based on highly secured and private algorithms. SoundCloud hosts 275 million music tracks with more tracks getting added daily.

The owner of the Heardle website is keen on keeping his identity anonymous. He had spoken to the media but on the terms that his identity would not be compromised. We know that the owner is an app developer who is in between jobs. The owner was working on a start-up in 2021 till his partners ran out of money.

The owner of the Wordle Heardle Wordle used to play the Wordle game in 2021 and shared its results and his rank with eight of his friends. In December 2021, he got an idea to develop a musical Wordle game. He shared this idea with his friends, and a prototype of the musical Wordle was designed within a day. 

The owner constantly worked on the idea, and a working model of the musical game came out on 26th February 2022. The prototype of website was working great when tested by eight of his friends. The owner chose SoundCloud to pick up music tracks. The SoundCloud team was able to easily integrate the Wordle Heardle Wordle website within a day with their platform.

Finally, after Heardle’s launch on the internet, there are now two million users daily and growing. 


SoundCloud is only accessible infew countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Though Heardle.app is accessible Worldwide, the SoundCloud track cannot be played in other countries. Heardle is difficult to be access in such countries over private VPN and Proxies as the music player does not gets loaded. But, Heardle continues to gain popularity.

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