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WiziShop Online Website Reviews

SEO is the key to success for any ecommerce store. Although high-performing online retailers use a wide variety of marketing strategies, virtually all leading shops include search engine optimization at the foundation of their business. By carefully crafting a website that appeals to Google and other search engines, retailers allow interested customers to find them. The return on investment for an SEO campaign is unprecedented as the strategy delivers so many high-quality leads.

SEO is a technical and ever-changing process. The average ecommerce entrepreneur doesn’t have the time and expertise to craft a perfectly optimized website. Fortunately, WiziShop’s goal is to help all e-commerce retailers achieve SEO success by providing an optimized technical foundation. WiziShop is an SEO-powered ecommerce platform that has recently announced its worldwide launch. Originally established in France, WiziShop has a long history of supporting ecommerce stores across a wide variety of industries.

What Clients Say

WiziShop has a 9.5 out of 10 rating on Verified Reviews, a trustworthy third-party review website. Customers praise the platform for its high-quality and intuitive shop designs, its ease of use, and its ability to increase customer conversions. Since the company launched in 2008, more than 250,000 business owners have used WiziShop to create and manage their online stores.

How WiziShop Works

Like other platforms, WiziShop is a subscription-based service. However, all of its features are included in the base subscription. Customers do not need to pay extra for certain services or install additional modules to access premium features. WiziShop’s goal is to offer simple and accessible ecommerce solutions, so all of the platform’s features are available to all clients.

WiziShop also differs from many other ecommerce platforms in that every shop is built with SEO at the foundation. Business owners do not need technical skills to optimize the technical structure of the site for search engines. Every WiziShop store includes a sitemap, SSL certificate, caching system, canonical tags, robots.txt file and other key SEO elements.

This system of site creation can be especially helpful for new and small ecommerce retailers. Ecommerce is more competitive than ever, and a strong SEO foundation allows newer businesses to find their footing in their industry.

Other Features Offered by WiziShop

As WiziShop prepares to expand to a worldwide audience, they’re also offering several other features. One of the most notable is business coaching, which is provided at no extra cost. WiziShop’s business coaches are available to answer technical questions about the platform and to offer strategic advice regarding branding and marketing.

Retailers can also access a series of instructional videos to learn how to set up their store efficiently and effectively. These videos provide step-by-step directions for establishing a WiziShop store, and they offer extra information for retailers to expand on their marketing strategy through Google ads, copywriting, social media, and many other areas.

A Global Launch

WiziShop has helped business owners achieve success for almost 15 years. Now, they’re ready to bring their platform to an international audience. Businesses of all sizes across the globe can use WiziShop to expand their ecommerce stores, attract a broader customer base, and generate quality leads.

The field of search engine optimization may evolve over time, but its importance never changes. Any online retailer hoping to expand in the near future needs a strong SEO strategy, and WiziShop is committed to providing simple yet effective solutions. As the platform becomes more widely available to retailers around the world, the WiziShop team looks forward to their continuing success in the ecommerce sphere.

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