Wise Text Message Scam {Aug} Payment Deduction Fraud!

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Wise Text Message Scam has shared details of a fraud website that sends link messages to Wise fintech customers.

Have you received a text message claiming to deduct a given amount from your bank account? Many netizens are receiving a link message prompting them to reach the website to stop deducting the amount from their account. This link message is especially prevalent in countries like the United Kingdom, where online transactions are on the increase.

Wise is a portal that deals in international financial transactions and allows individuals and companies to make their payments. Wise Text Message Scam has given details of this fraudulent activity conducted by scamming websites. 

What is a Wise Link Message?

Wise, a financial technology company, based in London, provides various financial solutions like sending money abroad and making personal remittances. Many online users use this company to get various payment solutions, so scammers have started targeting its customers.

Some internet users receive a link message on their mobile asking them to reach a website to cancel the amount that will get deducted from their bank account. Wise has clarified that they are not sending these messages and alerted citizens to protect themselves from this scam message.

Wise Text Message Scam Modus Operandi:

Most scams work in a particular way and target a well-known company’s customer base. As Wise has become a famous fintech company, scammers use its customer base to scam people.

  • People receive a link message on their devices.
  • Messages alert people that 2000 NZD will be deducted from their bank account.
  • They prompt the customer to reach a website to cancel the payment or view the message in detail.
  • Once people fill in the required information, the scammer takes their personal and financial details.

People involved in the Wise Text Message Scam tries to use personal and financial details to get money from a citizen account.

Wise Guideline for protection against this Text Scam:

Wise fintech is greatly concerned by this scam and has given some guidelines to the customer to protect themselves from it.

  • Check URL and domain name – Always check the URL and domain name; the company site will be listed as wise.com, while on search engines, these links should be under Ads. 
  • HTTPS:// connection – Try using the website that has HTTPS:// connection and avoid a portal that doesn’t have it as a website address.
  • Act fast – In case you get caught, change your password immediately.

On Receiving Wise Text Message Scam Things to do:

There are certain things that people can do in case they receive this scam message in the link, email, or simple text. 

  • Check with the Wise support staff on the message received.
  • Don’t ever click on the message and delete it after inquiring about it.
  • Block the URL from which this scam message has reached your device.
  • Get more knowledge on phishing techniques used by scammers.

Final verdict:

Scammers are getting innovative with time and are using the new technique to cheat people of their money. Fake calls, email, and Wise Text Message Scam are some of the tools used by them to trap online customers. 

Have you received any scam messages related to Wise fintech? Please share your story in the comment section.

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