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Are you looking for information about one of the top players of Ice Hockey Guy Damien Lafleur? We came across recent news that Guy passed away on 22 April 2022. He was one of the finest players in Ice Hockey. He played in the National Hockey League in the United States. He was the first player from Canada to score 50 goals in 6 consecutive seasons and make history in his career. You can find all the information on Wiki Guy Lafleur in this article.

Who was Guy Lafleur?

Guy was born in Canada on 20 September 1951. After his graduation and high school, he decided to continue with Ice Hockey as his future career. He achieved lots of fame and money at a very young age setting up massive unique records for other players.

He was the 1st player to get 50-goal conjugated matches and score up to 100 points. However, other personal information regarding the Guy is not enclosed completely. The Guy played for Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers, and Quebec Nordiques. He started his career in 1971 and retired in 1991.

What happens to Guy Lafleur 2022.

At the age of 70 guy died due to cancer in a Palliative care centre. He was a big-time smoker, and during a regular checkup in the game, he found out to have cancer in his lung when he decided to have quadruple bypass surgery in 2019.

But the poison had already spread in his body. In 2020 his right lung was also diagnosed with cancer. After the surgery, he fought with his pain for 3 years, but on 22 April 2022, he passed away, though he couldn’t survive more. This bad habit of smoking cost him his life. 

Achievements of Wiki Guy Lafleur.

Guy set many records in his career. He started his NHL career with Montreal Canadians in 1971 and played till 1985. He scored many goals and achieved a unique world record in his former club. Guy achievements are:-

  • He was a 5-time Stanley Cup champion
  • He was a three-time Art Ross Trophy winner.
  • He was also nominated 6 times first-team all-star right-winger.

The Guy has many more achievements, but he took a sudden retirement from Ice Hockey in 1985. People are inspired by achievements of Guy but knowing that Guy Lafleur 2022 was in the last year of his life, everyone went in shock. Guy had a great passion for hockey. He re-entered the NHL with the Club New York Rangers in 1988; he played there for 1 year. After that, he changed the club to Quebec Nordiques till 1991 and then retired.


The Guy was one of the greatest players of Ice Hockey from Canada. He achieved many awards and set different world records. But a bad habit of smoking led him to lung cancer. He couldn’t fight through it and died on 22 April 2022.  

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