Wibargain Box Reviews (Feb) Is It A Legit Online Site?

Wibargain Box Reviews 2021

Wibargain Box Reviews (Feb) Is It A Legit Online Site? >> Please read the following information carefully in the following review to know more about the products and services that this website provides and it will help you to decide to purchase with them or not.

Do you want to know about a site which is providing wholesale boxes are reasonable rates? Do you want to maximize your profit? The best option for you is being found in Wibargain Box Reviews, that wibargain’s website is offering wholesale boxes to customers with exclusive discounts and cool benefits in the United States.

 Whether this website is legit and trustable or not? It can be derived from the information available in this article. You will get to know much knowledge about the wibargain site. To learn about them in detail, be in this review till the end of it.

About Wibargain

They are providing the best liquidation goods from the top retailers at the international level. They were providing the best quality merchandise service at a consistent level. They are providing abandoned services as compared to other websites. A premium amazon returns wholesale box is available for just $35. 

Wibargain Box Reviews contain information about the services being provided by the wibargain in the United States. They are also providing guidance and training to the companies and retailers who are working and purchasing with them, which will help the retailers take their business to the next level. 

Once anyone visits this website, some of the personal information will be collected like: about the web browser, IP address, etc. and once a purchase will be made the information like name, billing address, shipping address, payment information, phone no. and email address will be retained with them for facilitating orders placed on the site. 

They are providing various offers like clothing wholesale box 12 for $35 and also a 10% discount for every customer.


  • The website link is readily available as https://wibargain.com/.
  • According to Wibargain Box Reviews Refund and return policies is not available.
  • Email ID: support@wibargain.com.
  • Contact no.: 661-407-2330.
  • Delivery schedules: not mentioned.
  • Payment can be made through Google pay, visa cards, American Express, and more.
  • Social media information is also available about Instagram and Facebook.

Pros of Wibargain.com

  • The domain name of this website has a trust score of 76%.
  • Contact no. and address are also available on the website for any further information.
  • According to Xolphin, the SSL certificate is valid.
  • Comfortable contacting facilities are available by just filling in the email ID on the website.
  • This site is heavily represented on platforms like FB and Instagram with constant updation.
  • As per Wibargain Box Reviews it has many offers with the best-discounted rates are available.
  • Easy payment methods are available, which allows getting paid back.

Cons of Wibargain.com

  • Domain age is just one year old, which makes to think about it.
  • Several negative reviews are available about this site.
  • The Alexa rank is high, but the site is young, which is quite suspicious.
  • The identity of the web site’s owner is hidden.
  • The website does not guarantee the condition of any item purchased.
  • Returns and exchanges are not available at all on this website.

Is Wibargain.com legit?

According to Wibargain Box Reviews it has been derived that the website is entirely trustworthy. This website’s domain age is just one year old, so one may think about it before making any purchase. As some customers at a loss and some were satisfied so, the wibargain site is partially legit. 

This review can give you a judgment about the site and its products. It has valid connections to trust on but also lacks some essential facts. Therefore purchasing the stuff from it or not surely depends upon you. 

Wibargain Box Reviews 

Some of the customers are well satisfied with the wholesale boxes as they got them at discounted-rates else some were dissatisfied with their prices, products, and services. As they are not providing refund and return policies, which gives a negative thought about them. And the ratings are near five.


This unbiased article contains various positive and negative reviews of the customers who purchased through this website. Several customers have objected that they had purchased wholesale boxes at some higher prices through this site, making them some loss. 

Wibargain Box Reviews showed that customers could make a profit through them if they were purchasing in bulk.

On the other hand, several customers have gained from it as they got wholesale boxes at reasonable rates with discounts and offers. It can be concluded that it may depend upon the customer’s experience. One should make a purchase from this website by adequately researching and his preferences and satisfaction level. 

Which is your trustworthy shopping portal? Don’t forget to share with us in the comment section below.

One Comment on “Wibargain Box Reviews (Feb) Is It A Legit Online Site?”

  1. Do not order anything from this Scam Company. All the negative reviews are true. Just look them up on BBB.com. This company is ripping off as many people as they can before the close their doors, change locations, and re open under a new name. The single item electronics box I ordered contained a broken vacuum for $75.00 plus tax. When I let them know what I got they said SORRY no refunds but as a solution they offered me a $30 credit toward future purchases. The last thing I would do is buy anything else from these con artists. What a SCAM!!!!! They should be arrested for theft. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS

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