Why Was Prince Philip Not King Consort? Why Was He Not Called That? Why Was Not Called A King? Read And Know It Here!

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This article is for the readers who want to know different facts related to Prince Philip and want to know Why Was Prince Philip Not King Consort ever.

Have you wondered why Price Philip is not the King Consort? Well, the whole internet Worldwide wants to know the answer to this question and more about the Consort and other things aftermath of the death of Queen Elizabeth. 

If your search for the answer leads you to this article, you have come to the right place. We will tell you the reason Why Was Prince Philip Not King Consort and other important factors. So, keep reading this article to grab the correct information. 

Is Prince Philip the King Consort?

If you don’t know what King Consort is, then in simple terms, the king consort is used to describe the husband of a queen whose family is reigning the country. People from Worldwide is waiting for the announcement of the next king or queen after the demise of the late Queen Elizabeth. 

However, there’s confusion among the people regarding the question, Why was Prince Philip not the King Consort despite marrying Queen Elizabeth? The reason is simple, no man wants to have a lower rank than her lady. 

Why Was Prince Philip Not Called King Consort?

As we discussed earlier, King Philip wasn’t known as the King Consort; the reason was the people’s thinking and mindset when Queen Elizabeth was crowned. The people at that time didn’t want any man to see standing at a lower rank than her wife or any lady. 

Therefore, Prince Philip wasn’t given the title of King Consort at the time, and till now, no one considered Prince Philip as the king consort. However, Prince Philip has additional titles too. Let’s take a look at it. 

Additional Titles of Prince Philip 

We know Why Was Prince Philip Not Called King Consort, but other titles make Prince Philip an integral part of the family. The titles are as follows:

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Earl of Merioneth
  • Baron Greenwich 

The best thing about Prince Philip is that he abandoned all the titles so that he could marry Queen Elizabeth, and he hasn’t felt any disrespect for that. Prince Philip wasn’t the first to be considered the king Consort as there were other in the British Monarchy. 

Prince Philip was supposed to rule Greece and Denmark as his family ruled these countries, but his family left Greece after political turmoil. So, Why Was Philip a Prince and Not a King? It’s simple because he has to marry Queen Elizabeth rather than be the king of his native country. 

Is there a new king right now?

After the death of the Queen recently, it was declared that King Charles III would take Philip position as the new monarch and become the new king. Therefore, people are waiting for the final ceremony and oaths that King Charles III will take.


We hope you know the things about the king consort and why Prince Philip is a prince for life rather than becoming a king. You can also search articles related to Why Was Prince Philip Not King Consort and clear your doubt completely.

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