Why Is The YouTube Bar Yellow (April) Answered Here!

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Why Is The YouTube Bar Yellow (April) Answered Here! >> Do you want to know why the yellow bar is appearing on YouTube? Then please read the complete article below.

Hey! Readers, we hope you all are doing well. Many of the YouTubers face some issues and report that video progress in YouTube is showing yellow now. Suppose your search on Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow landed you here, then we must say you are in the right place; please stay tuned with us for complete information.

YouTube is an online video streaming platform that is quite popular worldwide, including in the United States. 

About YouTube

As said above, it is the biggest video streaming platform famous worldwide; it has millions of videos for almost all topics of individual interest. For many, YouTube is the source of income, and for many students, it is helpful for studies

If you are also a YouTube lover and follow your favorite You Tuber, please keep reading this article for relevant information.

Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow?

Even a tiny change in YouTube affects many YouTubers worldwide; this is the same situation right now; from the last few days, a slight change in YouTube has occurred where the progress bar in video playing appears in yellow is no longer red in color like before. 

People of the United States want to know the reason for it and also want to know how people react to the same; please refer to the further sections.

Reason for a Yellow Bar in the YouTube

Usually, the video progressing bar will be red, and the ads showing video color is yellow. A small change made many rushes over the internet to know Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow? Based on our research, no official reason from YouTube is obtained for the sudden change.

Suppose you are not watching an ad; still seeing a yellow bar means maybe an ad blocker is causing the issue. Or it is perhaps a prank as April Fool day is near.

The YouTube team is efficient enough to find and give the solution for issue as soon as possible. For more updated details, please stay tuned with us.

Peoples’ Reaction

We searched for users’ responses for a sudden glitch in YouTube and found the reaction like here. One of the user says about Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow that, ‘suppose you are not streaming ad and still yellow bar is showing it is because of the ad blocker.’

In contrast, another user says that even though I have no ad blocks installed in my system, video progress is yellow, so I think adblocker has nothing to do with this issue.’


Over the past few days, a small change on YouTube is going viral over the internet. If you encounter the same problem, please wait until the YouTube official team solves the issue. There is no proper reason for the video progressing yellow bar till now. We hope our research-based article was helpful to you. 

Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow? Have anything to share about the same? Please leave your message in the comments section below.

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