Why Is Rogers Internet Down {July 2022} Read Details!

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This article will discuss every perspective on Why Is Rogers Internet Down, and the problems faced by Canadians.

Imagine that the lifeline of the contemporary world – the internet would be shut down for a day? What if you cannot access your bank, social media accounts, emails etc., for a day? Sounds scary. But this just happened in Canada. Isn’t it?

Major internet server companies across the country have failed to provide internet for 19 hours straight. People were all on the street to discover Why Is Rogers Internet Down? Let’s see how the situation was. 

Rogers Internet-

Rogers Communication is a renowned company that has provided cable television, wireless communication, internet and telephony since 1925. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This company is a part of very important Canadian bodies such as banks, immigration departments etc.

On 8 July 2022, many saw sudden disruptions on the Internet server. People assume this is a temporary breakage in the internet and shrug it off. However, the problem was not that simple and easy to deal with. Let’s crack more.

Why Is the Internet Down?

This sudden shutting off of the internet has put everything on a break. In the middle of this chaos, people were clueless about how they could get the stuff, travel, or purchase it. As you all know, being cashless is now a need and a lifestyle. 

Starting 5 hours after this outrage, people searched for an answer that the other companies had answered. Not just this, but Rogers shares had a major fall in the share market. No exact reason was made public, but other companies defined the problem. Cloudflare has published a report on Why Rogers Network Is Down, describing that the company spiked Border Gateway Protocols.

Others suggested blocking IP address tracing, due to which all bank systems, immigration facilities and many tracking apps were down to the core. The sudden shutdown primarily affected mobile data services, bank services, Canadian revenue agencies, the Passport department of the country, the ArriveCAN app etc. 

Rogers’s communication has more than 9 million customers who are unsure about restoring their services after the sudden outage nationwide. Services that Rogers does not control were also affected. Only 911 was partially operated in these 17 hours.

Why Is Rogers Not Working?

Certainly, this outage was not due to any cyberattack or spy conspiracy. Country’s Spy Electronic Agency reported this. Cloudflare also reported about the internal error in the connections. Such unavailability of networks can land people into trouble who are travelling, in an emergency, seeking their livelihoods and so on. Canadians are disheartened and frustrated by the situation as they have been used to a wireless lifestyle for decades.

After 17 hours, partial problems were solved, and a written apology by the CEO of the respective company came on Twitter. Company officials added that they could not give the total period when this issue will be resolved. 


Why Is Rogers Internet Down, has been answered by many experts and officials, but people are not satisfied with such long struggles as they affect their day-to-day chores? In many interviews, people have told the media that they tried to connect through free hotel wifi after the sudden shutdown. 

The contemporary world’s problems cannot be resolved within a minute or an hour. This situation has demanded people be aware of more options.

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