Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On (April) Get To Know Here!

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Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On (April) Get To Know Here! >> The article talks about the sudden halting of broadcasting on a popular radio channel and the probable reasons.

Many users across the United Kingdom are unable to access their radio broadcasting services for few days. The scheduled programming across the BBC’s channels, including BBC One, BBC Two, News Channel and BBC Scotland, and BBC Alba, were all halted, thereby continuing to broadcast news about late Prince Philip.

While many weren’t much aware of the halt’s exact reason, others took to social media and the internet forums to know Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On. So herein, we bring you a complete detailed write-up on what could be the possible reasons.

What is Radio 4 Extra?

Radio 4 Extra is a British National Radio Station under the purview of the BBC. The channel broadcasts a range of spoken-word programs that include news, comedy, drama, science, and history. They are directly broadcasted from the BBC’s headquarters from the Broadcasting House in London.

The Radio 4 Extra, along with its other outputs by BBC, including BBC Radio 1, 2, 4, Six, Radio Scotland, and The Asian Network, halted their regular broadcasting considering the sad demise of Prince Philip in the United Kingdom.

Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On?

The BBC’s Radio Output for Radio 4 Extra was halted to report news on the passing away of the duke of Edinburg, Prince Philip, who passed away at the age of 99 years. 

All the news channels and radio continued to cover news across its BBC networks to mark the late Duke’s of UK’s laudable service, thereby turning off all the regular scheduling of information.

However, as per the sources, the schedule will continue later to midnight too. Besides, no further information is available on the same.

Other Reasons for Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On?

Apart from the fact that BBC was broadcasting Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip’s demise, his life, and contribution on the radio networks, here are few other reasons that might have halted the usual programming schedule:

The Radio channel might have delayed the publishing of the program for a short while. However, herein, users can get in touch with the broadcaster if the issue continues for the next day.

Another reason what would have caused the sudden turning off of information or Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On in the channel can be the unavailability of programs. The most likely reason herein is that the user may not have the rights to view the content, thereby making it unavailable to the user.

Final Verdict

While there are innumerable reasons from a general glitch to broadcasting Prince Philip’s life story and covering his demise on the BBC, it was reported that the usual broadcasting on Radio 4 Extra would probably resume after late midnight.

However, this much information is available about Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On.

What do you think might be the reason? Please do share your inputs with us so we can update our readers with valuable information. Please do not forget to share your views in the comments box below.

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