Why Is Piggy Called Gurty (April) Read The Reason Here!

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Why Is Piggy Called Gurty (April) Read The Reason Here! >> Read this article below as the news shares the reasons behind generating a funny character in the game for online game lovers. 

Do you feel piggy is an excellent game to enjoy? Well, then you must have noticed the presence of Gurt chapter on April fool’s day.

In the Piggy, Gurt is a comedy chapter. Gurt is the only chapter in the game that is not possible to play. The chapter got released on April fool’s day and abolished at the end of the day.

Online video game players of the United Kingdom, and the United Statesare curious to know more about Why Is Piggy Called Gurty

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What do you know about piggy?

MiniToon created the survival horror game Piggy in collaboration with IK3As and Optikk. The game got released in 2020 for the first time. 

The players have the choice to vote on 12 different maps. As soon as the highest voted map wins, players are eligible for one of the five modes available on the game

Removed maps of piggy

  • The distorted memory has got replaced by the plant. 
  • The RB Battles studio is only available during season 2 of the RB Battle championship. 
  • Players can enjoy the Winter Holiday during Christmas time.
  • The Gurt chapter which is available on April fool’s day. 

Why Is Piggy Called Gurty?

Players of Piggy must have noticed the presence of Gurt chapter in the game. This chapter is only available on April fool’s day. 

Instead of piggy, payers will find a non-human creature which is known as Gurt. MiniToon has created this funny talking pig for April fool’s day. 

Game modes of piggy

Game modes offer players the to play the game differently. At present, the game modes are as follows-

  • Players:- In this mode, random players are eligible to become piggy.
  • Bot;- Here, the piggy gets controlled by the AI. 
  • Player plus bot;- In this mixed mode, random players can become piggy along with a bot.

On April fool day, players started asking Why Is Piggy Called Gurty ? But the players like the April Fool Day’s joke while they start playing the game.

Appearance of Gurt

Gurt is a funny character in the game, but players cannot vote for it or play it. MiniToon tweets that players cannot play Gurt, but Gurt can play the online players. 

Players will find that Gurt is the only chapter without any use of items. Moreover, this is the first chapter where players cannot expire. 

Every piggy’s skin got changed into Gurt’s head and face. Now the online players come to know Why Is Piggy Called Gurty

What was the players’ reaction?

While noticing the funny character Gurt, some players get shocked and scared. Some thought the Minitoon has got hacked. 

Others mentioned that MiniToon created this character for April fool’s day, and hearing this, the players got relief. Players also hope that they can play the original piggy soon. 

Many layers have really liked the concept and enjoyed it a lot. 


The sudden appearance of Gurty in the game piggy made all surprised, and it delivered immense fun too. MiniToon has made this character enjoyable to every online player. 

Have you enjoyed the character Gurt? Do you have queries about Why Is Piggy Called GurtyPlease share your outlook in the comment box below.

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