Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed {April 2022} Know Here!

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After comprehensive research on World Weed Day, we have prepared the article on Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed. Please read and stay connected with us.

Have you heard about World Weed Day? Do you know when it comes? World Weed Day is celebrated on the 20th of April every year. You will be amazed to know that on this day, a group of weed smokers from various places of the world come together to celebrate the day by smoking weed.

Not only the smokers of the United States and Canada but also many weed smokers from different countries celebrate World Weed Day. But the question is, Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed? Let’s read the article.

Why is the day celebrated?

According to Steven Hager, an American writer, taking weed is a ritual for some people. In 1970, a Californian teenage group of high school students began this ritual. Every day at exactly 4:20 p.m, the group of teenagers started smoking marijuana. 

This strange ritual started spreading like fire, and gradually, the time 4:20 started to be used as the code for taking weed. Soon, the teens changed code 420 into a date, i.e., 20th April or 4/20. That’s the reason Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed. That’s how the day is created to celebrate.

Names of the teenagers who started the ritual:

Dave Reddix, Steve Capper, Larry Schwartz, Mark Gravich, and Jeffery Noel were a group of teenage students of San Rafael High School, California, who started this strange ritual in 1971. These five students used a secret code to meet up and escape from the school to smoke cannabis. According to them, it became their hobby to smoke cannabis. 

Hager mentioned that these teens somehow get a map based on a marijuana crop. So they started to find the place according to the map, but unfortunately, they didn’t find anything. 

How and Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed?

The group of teens started the ritual of taking weeds at 4:20 p.m; every day. Often they escaped from school by jumping through the wall. That’s why they gave themselves a name, the Waldos. 

They started using the ‘420 Louie’ code word to catch up with other friends near the idol of Louis Pasteur, the famous French chemist, near the school at 4:20 p.m., and they escaped from the school. Gradually the secret code became ‘420’ from ‘420 Louie’.

Celebrating World Weed Day:

We came to know Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed but do you know that it is declared a holiday? Though it’s illegal to take weed, many smokers celebrate this day on the streets of the US to observe the occasion. So, not only for smokers but also for non-smokers, 4/20 became a holiday.


It is illegal to take weeds in many places around the world. But a group of smokers is constantly trying to make marijuana legal. You can click on the link below to learn about the effects of Cannabis or Marijuana. We hope that now you know Why Is 4/20 Celebrated for Weed. Do you support taking weed? Please share your thoughts.

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