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In this post, we have discussed MrBeast’s career and his net worth, and Why Does Mrbeast Give Away Money.

Do you watch American YouTuber MrBeasts YouTube videos? Have you ever thought about his insane donation? If you want to know the answer, then stick to us. 

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About MrBeast 

MrBeast is a YouTuber, social media personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from the United States. He is recognized for establishing a YouTube video genre centered on pricey stunts and large donations. MrBeast’s original name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he is currently 23 years old. 

MrBeast is also the co-founder of Team Trees, a fundraiser for the NGO Arbor Day Foundation that has collected over $23 million to plant trees, and Team Seas, a campaign for Ocean Conservancy &The Ocean Cleanup that seeks to reach $30 million by 1st January 2022. 

Let us discuss more of MrBeast’s YouTube career before learning more on Why Does Mrbeast Give Away Money

MrBeast YouTube Career 

Jimmy Donaldson, then 13 years old, released his first YouTube video underneath the channel MrBeast6000 in February 2012. MrBeast began to gain fame on YouTube in 2015 & 2016. MrBeast recorded almost a day-long video showing himself numbering 100,000 in January 2017. 

MrBeast recorded a battle royale tournament with a prize pool of $200,000 in 2019. MrBeast launched a rock, paper, scissors contest broadcast in April 2020, with 32 influencers competing for a top prize of $250,000. MrBeast streamed a real-life version of the Squid Game in November 2021, wherein 456 individuals fought for a cash prize of $456,000.

Why Does Mrbeast Give Away Money?

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a MrBeast, reveals in several videos on his channel that the cash he donates allows him to maintain his job as a Youtuber. He receives millions of views for each donation video. For MrBeast, those views constitute a return on investment from which he can benefit. He became viral once for gifting $100,000 to his mom, who initially flatly refused the money. MrBeast then stated that his mother would have to take the money in exchange for him to achieve the views for which he is compensated. 

Now that we know the reason behind Why Does Mrbeast Give Away Money let us discuss his net worth. 

What is MrBeast Net Worth?

MrBeast has an estimated net worth of around $25 million. Through his YouTube channel, clothing sales, and partnerships with companies, he generated $24 million in 2020. 

MrBeast is said to put the majority of his video revenues back into making more videos. He currently invests up to $300,000 on a single video, compared to $10,000 just a few years ago. MrBeast generates at least $3 million a month through YouTube adverts alone.


MrBeast’s philanthropic activities make him one of the well-known YouTubers, and everybody loves him because of his generosity. Check out the MrBeast Wikipedia page for more.

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