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Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset (Nov) Read Reasons!

People are going crazy over the “Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset?” trend. If you are the same, please click on this article to learn Davina’s reasons.

Selling Sunset is soon back on our television screens for season 4. People in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States have never been more enthusiastic about a television show.

In 2019, Netflix presented all to the glitzy world of premium real estate, and nobody has not looked back since. Therefore, we are covering the reason as to Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset

What is the news about Selling Sunset?

Netflix released the season 4 teaser on November 10th, 2021, and it appears like people are in for more squabbling, scheming, and property dealing. To replace Christine Quinn and Davina Potratz, who were both pregnant, Jason Oppenheim has hired new agents, Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela, who can be seen in the movie’s trailer. Davina, on the other hand, makes an appearance later on in the trailer.

In other words, has Davina left the Oppenheim Group? Is she going to appear in season 4? We have listed some details as per her statements that are so far and so good.

Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset

Until 2020, Davina Potratz was a member of the Oppenheim Group. No, she did not sell Adnan Sen’s 75 million dollars home to anybody. According to Davina in an interview, Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills offered her an opportunity she could not refuse, and she accepted it.

In an interview with the journal, she expressed her excitement about joining Douglas Elliman and its “highly sophisticated and worldwide new development section.” “It is a great opportunity for me because of my history in development sales and marketing. It is really a perfect match for my abilities.”

More details to Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset?”

She went on to say: “I did not want to go, but I could not pass up such an amazing chance. It was merely a matter of business.”

Do not worry; Davina Oppenheim and the rest cast are still good friends. Davina said he “completely understands” why she could not turn down the chance, even if Jason were “sad” when she shared the news.

In a statement to People, Jason stated: “Throughout my time at the Oppenheim Group, Davina has been a fantastic asset and valued agent. To answer the “Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset?” question, I can say she is a friend whose professional decisions I like and support. It is my goal that we can work together in the future and that Davina has a bright career ahead of her.” Since The Oppenheim Group no longer employs Davina, you might be wondering how this would affect her involvement in Selling Sunset.


Davina is still a significant element of the program, based on the teaser. So it is safe to assume that Davina will be a vital part of this season’s cast before Davina leaves, based on her Instagram posts.

If you know any other reason for “Why Did Davina Leave Selling Sunset?” please share it with us.

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