Who Owns Texas Rangers (April 2021) Get The Answer Here!

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Who Owns Texas Rangers (April 2021) Get The Answer Here! >> This article gives you crucial details about the ownership of a prominent and well-known baseball team.

Who Owns Texas Rangers? That’s the question users are curious to know after images of a recent baseball match of Texas Rangers went viral. The striking part of this image is the presence of an enormous crowd that hasn’t been witnessed since the pandemic grabbed hold of the entire world. This team’s recent baseball game witnessed a hundred percent crowd in the stadium with over 38,000 people. 

We think that this event made users curious about the ownership of this team. Please keep reading if you want to know the answer. This query has found fame in the United States and Canada and other nearby regions.

About Texas Rangers and Who Owns Texas Rangers?

Before learning about the ownership of the team, first, let’s talk about the team. 

Texas Rangers are a professional baseball team in America. There’s also a law enforcement agency with the same name, but our article is related to the baseball team

They are a well-known baseball team and compete in tournaments like the Major League Baseball and have membership in the American League West Division. They’re counted among the famous and successful baseball teams.

Who has ownership of the Texas Rangers? 

Please have a look at the information given below to get details about this baseball team’s ownership.

  • Who Owns Texas Rangers? The team has had different owners for different periods.
  • Its first known owner was Elwood Quesada from 1961 to 1963.
  • After Quesada, James Johnston and James Lemon took ownership upto 1967.
  • Subsequent owners were Bob Short, Brad Corbett, and Eddie Chiles.
  • Well-known figure George W Bush also owned it with Edward Rose from 1989 to 1994.
  • The last individual owner was Tom Hicks from 1998 to 2010.
  • The current owner of this team is Rangers Baseball Express, who took ownership in 2010.

Details about Rangers Baseball Express

Let’s take a look at the information given below to know more about the Texas Rangers’ existing owners.

  • Who Owns Texas Rangers? Rangers Baseball Express owns the Texas Rangers since 2010.
  • The official announcement was made back in 2010 that they had purchased it from Texas Rangers Baseball Club.
  • Rangers Baseball Express LCC is an investor group and is the sixth owner of Texas Rangers.
  • Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan were the head of this group at the time.
  • We advise you to look more into it to know more about this group’s existing administration structure.

Final Verdict 

Baseball is among the most popular sports in the US and nearby countries. Fans enjoy watching their favorite teams participate in competitive leagues. After a recent match, users were curious to know about the ownership of the Texas Rangers. We have given related details above. 

Who Owns Texas Rangers? What do you think of the ownership structure of this baseball team? What are your thoughts on the crowd turnout at the latest game? Let us know your viewpoints or thoughts in the feedback section below.

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