Which Window Treatments Are Best for Your Kitchen Bay Window?

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Which Window Treatments Are Best for Your Kitchen Bay Window? – Bay windows have become a timeless classic that brightens the room with natural light. People use bay windows in almost every room, including kitchens, as these add an aesthetic aspect to the overall structure. That said, they can be difficult to cover due to their unique structure, and sometimes they can be a detriment, letting in too much light and heat.

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What Are Bay Windows?

Typically, a bay window is the one that projects out from the room. It serves the function of adding more light and even space to the room. They are typically associated with Victorian[1]style homes and are used where there is an excellent outside view available. Structurally speaking, a bay window has three sides.

The outer window frame is parallel to the inside wall, and the two sides window frames jut out of the window at an angle towards the room. A bay window can generally add up to two feet to the overall length of the room. The width is dependent on the design of the window and the angles of the two sides. The critical thing to keep in mind is that if the bay window has to be constructed on the second or third floor, special permissions must be taken from the relevant authorities.

Which Window Treatments Are Best Suited for Bay Windows in Kitchens?

Prospective buyers have a lot of choices today in the market for the treatment of bay windows in the kitchen. The owner should take minute care while selecting the window treatments because of the unique shape and structure of the bay windows.

As a general tip, the bay window treatment in the kitchen should be made of aluminium or faux wood as these are affected by excessive moisture, greasing, slashes and stains. Window treatments made of these materials can be cleaned easily with a moist cloth and are easy to maintain.

Therefore, aluminium or faux wood window treatments for bay windows help maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Following are the critical questions that will help the prospective buyer decide which window treatments are most suited for bay windows in the kitchen:

  • Are Faux Window Blinds Suitable for Kitchen Bay Windows?

Faux Wood Blinds are a trendy choice for kitchen bay windows. They add to the aesthetic appeal and contribute to the window’s functionality, making the kitchen look modern and contemporary. They resemble wooden blinds but do not have their disadvantages.

They are not affected by the excessive moisture in the kitchen and consequently do not warp. Further, the faux wood blinds for the kitchen bay windows can be customized as per your requirements. They come in different styles and can complement the overall kitchen décor well. Bay windows typically cover many areas, and faux wood blinds prove an economical option compared to wooden blinds.

They provide the same feel and texture but do not put a lot of pressure on the owner’s budget. At the same time, they provide the necessary sunlight protection and keep the kitchen comfortable even during summers. They are made of PVC and are durable. Therefore they are an excellent option to cover the kitchen bay windows.

  • Are Aluminium Mini Blinds Good for Kitchen Bay Windows?

Aluminium mini blinds prove to be a perfect choice when it comes to covering the kitchen bay windows. Like faux wood blinds, they do not warp or bend under excessive heat or exposure to moisture. These blinds might not be able to outdo some of the other options for aesthetic appeal but contribute by adding a lot of functionality to the kitchen bay windows.

They provide good sunlight protection and make the kitchen well ventilated when they are lifted. Furthermore, they are highly durable and do not rust or wither away under a kitchen’s severe hot and humid environment.

The owner will be spoilt for choice as far as variety is concerned because of the large variety of models with different features available in the market. Further, the malleability of aluminium ensures that these blinds can be customized quite easily to suit the different designs and styles of kitchen bay windows.

  • Can Fabric Roman Shades be A Good Option for Kitchen Bay Windows?

Fabric Roman shades can be a good option as a kitchen bay window treatment if it is situated in the dry area of the kitchen. At times the size of the kitchen is big, and the bay window is located in a dry zone. In such a scenario, Roman shades add a touch of charm and grace to the kitchen area.

It is because the fabric roman shades help in softening the sharp edges of the kitchen. The owner can select the fabric from various options ranging from sober and gentle shades to bright and dynamic ones depending upon the likes and preferences. Thus roman shades installed in the kitchen can become the focal point and make the kitchen look contemporary and stylish.

  • Are Blackout Roller Shades Suitable for Kitchen Bay Window?

Blackout roller shades provide both sunlight protection and privacy. They also make the kitchen energy efficient by maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. However, there are moments when the owner wants complete privacy in the kitchen and wants little to no light to come in. Thereby they help in the creation of a unique space for the owner.

  • Are Window Films a Good Choice for Kitchen Bay Windows?

If the owner has opted for the bay window to create extra space for an already cluttered kitchen, covering them with window films can be a good option. It is because window films will provide the necessary sunlight protection without taking any additional space. Further, the film on the bay window helps reduce the glare. Thus they aid in making kitchens easier to work in.

Bay windows are a welcome addition to kitchens. They create additional space which can be used for storage purposes. In addition, they provide great outside views, which ensures a relaxed and peaceful cooking experience.

The correct choice of a window dressing for the kitchen bay window enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also provides functionality. Furthermore, they give the owner complete control over sunlight protection along with the required amount of privacy. Thus tastefully selected window treatments for kitchen bay windows are a must in modern kitchens.

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