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What are people talking about these days on the internet? Do you think that there were cars in biblical times?

They are always full of interesting or entertaining data; they discover or present arguments that others might never consider. For example, nowadays, people claim that vehicles were invented during biblical times; they also claim that cars were already invented during Jesus’ time. It is true or not. 

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Did Cars exist in biblical times?

With the advent of civilization and human development, humanity started to move from area to area, searching for resources and food. This inevitably led to the discovery of vehicles that helped transport people and goods from one location to another. 

Cars were invented in the 18th century. Then, in the 19th century, they became more common, and they started to be used by everybody. 

Although there is no evidence that cars existed in ancient times, many historians believed they existed during biblical times, and even Jesus was known to have driven a car. 

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What is the basis of this argument?

People concluded that cars might have been invented when Christ was alive because some verse in the Bible suggests the same. For example, the verse of John Gospel “For I did not speak of my own accord” 12:49 John.

Many believe that this suggested that Jesus drove a Honda Accord. Unfortunately he does not like telling about it. There is no other evidence to prove the existence of cars or vehicles in biblical times. People believed that during that time, people used to ride on donkeys. This is mere speculation that cars existed.

Which Car Did Jesus Drive?

Despite being engaging and intriguing, some may find this issue absurd. This debate, however, has received a lot of attention. Here’s a look at some other cars Jesus may have possessed after reading and deducing interpretations from several verses. (We will not mention 12:49 by John Gospel again)

  • ‘Only when Ram’s horn sounds, a long blast may, they approach the mountains’ by Exodus 19:13. We can conclude that Jesus must have driven Ram’s truck.
  • A verse from Corinthians (8:9) talks about taking care of the liberty to not become a block that is constantly stumbling. Now we can say that God is talking about Jeep-Liberty.
  • Which Car Did Jesus Drive, other than these? He may have had a Geo Storm. Why? Let us see a verse from Peter that states that for whom the black darkness has been thrown aside, a storm drives the dry springs and mists (2:17).


These are just some verses that may have been interpreted differently to mean anything. Everyone can construct different meanings from the same set of words. But people want to believe that these are true, so they are coming up with new arguments and myths. We don’t say firmly whether it is true or not.

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