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Do you want to know Where to Find Snowball Launcher Fortnite? The write-up shares its detailed information with its purpose, use and more. Scroll down.

Are you looking for a snowball launcher Fortnite? It’s been a long time since the release of Fortnite. Moreover, every time a new season starts, individuals also get new items for their heroes. People of Canada, the United Kingdom, United States are excited about this new release.

The snowball launchers are one of the new weapons added with season 5 of Fortnite. This article will tell you all about Where to Find Snowball Launcher Fortnite in detail.

What is Snowball Launcher?

The Snowball Launcher is a new weapon added to Fortnite Battle Royale. Tied with the Frostbite skin set, this weapon can be found in chests and floor loot and is a great starting weapon.

Purpose of Snowball Launcher in Fortnite

Its main aim is to slow down the approaching enemy, and it is effective when used with other weapons to make the most out of it. Although defenders mainly use this weapon’s role in the game, it can also get used as an offensive weapon. Several players prefer to use it as a trap. 

Where to Find Snowball Launcher Fortnite?

  • The first one is on the northern edge of Greasy Grove, but it’s not just lying there waiting for you to acquire it up. It’s a little bit hidden under a bridge, so good luck finding it! 
  • The second location is near Snobby Shores. You can find this one in the house with all the Christmas decorations. It’s on top of the chimney, and you can use the stairs to reach it.
  • And finally, there is one more location, which is Loot Lake. It’s not hard to find it, but we’ll be honest; it’s pretty far from everything else, and there are no other items near it. 

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How to Use Snowball Launcher Effectively?

  1. The best way to use this weapon is by building a ramp or stairs leading up to an enemy’s house and launching a snowball at it. The blast radius of these snowballs is pretty large, so this should be enough to knock out any enemies hiding inside a house.
  2. Alternatively, you can launch a snowball at a wall near an enemy structure and build ramps or stairs on top of it so that you can get on top of their system and start shooting them from above.
  3. While analyzing Where to Find Snowball Launcher Fortnite, We found another effective strategy to launch snowballs from the opposite side of any trees or rocks around your enemies’ base, so they won’t see where the snowball is coming from the game.


You will find the Epic and Legendary versions of the Snowball Launcher in different places. Look for chests within your immediate surroundings. Since Chapter 3 gets set at Polar Peak, you will likely find one here since chests spawn with every 50v50 match on this map. 

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