When Your Body Attacks Itself AARP (August) Know Details

latest news When Your Body Attacks Itself AARP

When Your Body Attacks Itself AARP (August) Know Details >> The news shares details about a reputed non-profit seeking organization and its publication on health issues for elders.

We all are passing through the Covid-19 pandemic, and our health is always at risk. Therefore, especially the elders, must take immense precautionary measures to prevent the immune system from facing any trouble. 

People from the United KingdomCanada, and other parts of the world must read magazines like AARP and its latest publications on health issues. 

All readers are requested to go through the news on When Your Body Attacks Itself AARP and grasp effective health tips.

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A brief on AARP

American Association of Retired Persons, or in brief, AARP is a United States-based group, and it primarily focuses on the health issues that arise among the individuals after 50. Till 2018, the group had a member of more than 35 million.

The organization got established in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus and Leonard Davis. It is a non-profit seeking organization, and its service is mainly dedicated to the people who have attained 50 years of age. But, people of all ages can join this group.

When Your Body Attacks Itself AARP- know the details

The recent publication of AARP shares the ways to enhance the immune system in your body. This article is quite fruitful for those who have already been attacked by the pandemic and want to stay healthy in the future. 

AARP reveals that your body get attacks itself only when the autoimmune system stops working properly. Therefore, maintenance of a proper immunity system is also beneficial to enjoy a healthy life. Once you start reading the publication in AARP, you will come to know how the deterioration of the autoimmune system in our body can cause serious illness. 

Know the ways of immune problems

Once you start reading the topic on When Your Body Attacks Itself AARPyou will gain knowledge on the ways that our bodies suffer from immune problems. 

  • Enduring inflammation- As per research, it has been noticed that chronic inflammation is one of the acute reasons for the occurrence of various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, etc.
  • Autoimmune illness- Researchers have already discovered that patients from Australia and other parts of the world suffer from varied illnesses due to disorders in the autoimmune system. 
  • Allergic infection- Many suffer from food allergies, and it is also caused due to the overreaction of the immune system. Research shows that at least 1 in 10 people suffers from food allergies. 

Cost of AARP membership

If you are interested in reading more articles on When Your Body Attacks Itself AARPyou can become a paid member of AARP at $16 per year. Well, the organization also offers a cost-saving option for the members. Here you will need to opt for the auto-renewal option so that you can read the latest updates just at $12 per year. 


No doubt, AARP has emerged as one of the reputed and reliable organizations for the elders. Once you become a member of AARP  you can get the latest publications on various health issues of elders. 

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