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When Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox {March} New Feature!

When Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox {March} New Feature! >> Read the article till the end to know about release of voice chat in a popular Lego-themed game.

Roblox Corporation has always tried to introduce something new to its games to make them more exciting and safer. So, what about this voice chat feature? When Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox? There are many questions that we are going to answer in this article. 

On 26th February, Friday, the company held its first Investors Day meeting in which they revealed some new developments and the company’s stats. 

Apart from working on making avatars more advanced, they will release voice chat in the game. Fans from the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, and other countries are looking forward to it. 

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Investors Day of Roblox

Dropping the idea of going public last year, Roblox will be doing just that on 10th March via direct listings. But before that, the video game company organized an Investors Day presentation. 

Along with hinting at new additions, they talked about the company’s mission and shared some statistics. 

Is Roblox Adding Voice Chat in The Game? 

When announcing quite a few numbers and new developments, the leadership informed its fans about a new feature they are going to add soon for their beloved fans.  

Yes, we are talking about voice chat. In the Investors Day meeting, they confirmed the rumors. But as soon as the news came out, it raised concerns for young kids under the age of 13. They constitute over 50% of users. 

Vice President of engineering Adam Miller agreed on how text communication has drastically increased the previous year. And so, in the light of it, they are introducing “safe voice chat.” Is it really safe? 

When Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox? 

After the big announcement, now netizens from the United Kingdom, Ireland, United Statesand Canada are flooding social media asking when it will arrive? 

The publication said that the development is still going on, and they are working on it. So, there’s no final date of its release at the moment. 

A username with Bloxy News on Twitter said that back in 2019, he already talked about voice chat in Roblox, and it’s just a matter of time. In his 2019 tweet, he also raised the question if it’s the right thing to do? 

Will it be safe for kids?

After answering Is Roblox Adding Voice Chat in The Game, the next question comes about the game is a safe place for kids and youngsters or not? 

There have been many disagreements regarding this decision by players who doubt it would be a good addition. Exposing children to voice chat where players of older age usually counter with profanities and rude language is a genuine concern. 

Final Verdict 

Although many users are not in favor of the voice chat feature, other users are waiting eagerly for it. 

Voice chat is safe for children is a debatable topic, and it can only be answered when it will come to the game. 

The query- When Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox, is not yet confirmed by the publishers. Therefore, we ask you to stay connected with us. 

What’s your opinion about this voice chat? Could you share it with us in the comment box? 

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