When Is Roblox Going Public (March) Know The Details!


When Is Roblox Going Public (March) Know The Details! >> The write-up shares details about Videogame Company and the availability of the shares in NYSE.

A highly projected direct listing for video and online game company Roblox is on the deck, and players want to know When Is Roblox Going Public. The video game company is expected to join the ranks of closely held companies, sidestepping the conventional public offering method. 

The company has confirmed that it will soon join the other companies on New York Stock Exchange to support the state’s economic growth. The California-based video game developer Roblox is planning to hold a direct listing for all the shares on or around 10th March 2021 on NYSE.

It has millions of followers in Canada and the United States who want to know when it will go public.   

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When Is Roblox Going Public – The Set Date!

Roblox has initially decided on the public offering, which they delayed and set a new date for direct listing their shares. The videogame developer has decided to go public on or around 10th March 2021, as confirmed online. 

Roblox has decided to go public to sell its 198,917,280 shares, but its rate has not been confirmed. In January 2021, the videogame developer sold around 12 million shares in a private placement @ $45 per share. 

Roblox would become the 5th videogame developer to go public with a direct listing. Roblox decided to go public via direct listing as they want to make public equity markets debut. So, 10th March 2021 is the probable date, and the answer to When Is Roblox Going Public.   

Going Public with a Direct Listing

Roblox initially decided to IPO, but later it changed the method and decided to go public via a direct listing. After denying the IPO, the videogame marker raised around $520 million from worldwide investors via public funding round. It helped the developer to become a $29.5 billion company. 

Roblox also decided to go public via direct listing because the route would help the company further save money on the underwriter charges while making the company public. 

Finally, the developer decided to make a market debut, and players want to know When Is Roblox Going Public. It is 10th March when the company would go public with the trading ticker, RBLX.  

The Worth of Roblox in the Market

Roblox is privately valued presently at $29.5 billion, as confirmed in January 2021. The company’s worth increased after raising half-billion-dollar funding from the private funding companies, including Dragoneer Investment Group and Altimeter Capital. 

Last year, the company was valued at $4 billion, as estimated in February 2020. The company’s worth suddenly inflated during the lockdown, which heightened the popularity of the game amongst the players. 

However, after the company’s share starts getting public, the company’s worth and valuation may fluctuate as estimated by experts. So, stay updated to know the value of the company when it goes public.


Hopefully, the answer to the question When Is Roblox Going Public has been cleared, and investors who want to buy shares of the videogame company have to wait until 10th March to purchase the shares via a direct listing.    

The company has decided to go public via a direct listing because it levels up the playing field for the investors, and Roblox wants to take this advantage. 

Do you have anything to add about the company shares? Please share your views in the comment section.   

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