When Did Jon Jarl Land On Jorvik {Sep 2021} Know More!

Gaming Tips Jon Jarl Land on Jorvik

This Article is about When Did Jon Jarl Land on Jorvik and the star stable online video game famous for horse.

Do you love horse riding? Have you ever played a horse riding-related game? What if any game provides you both horse riding and adventure at the same time? Yes, you now know what we are talking about.

 It is the Star Stable online game, the fastest growing horse game worldwide. The famous question among the players across the United Kingdom, United States is When Did Jon Jarl Land on JorvikSo, let us ride to our discussion and know the detail here.

What is Star Stable online game?   

Star Stable Online or SSO is based on previous series like Star Academy, Star Stable and developed by Star Stable Entertainment AB. It was developed keeping in mind the player’s interest in horses and adventures. 

The players’ main job is to improve their riding abilities and enhance their interaction with the horse. In addition, they meet a new character, care for several horses, complete the mission, and partake in the race.

Above all, they have to protect Jorvik Island and explore the mystery. We are here to find out When Did Jon Jarl Land on Jorvik? But do you know about Jon Jarl? If not, then we will tell you in the next segment.

Who is Jon Jarl?

Jon Jarl was the one who stumbled onto Jorvik. Until the day a star fell from the heavens, Jorvik had been a barren mountain in the center of a mysterious and chilled ocean. Horses are the lifeblood of the Island and share a special connection with it, according to legend.

Jon Jarl took control of Island and its small realm for 45 years and was well-liked by his people. While previous games use the same Jorvik, Star stable online adds numerous new and unique locations and towns to the Island.

When Did Jon Jarl Land on Jorvik?

Son of Jor, Jon Jarl, found Jorvik, landed here one cold stormy morning. It was October 1218 when Jon Jarl landed here with his sailors and settlers. He ascended the fifty-foot cliff and declared the area his own after losing one of his ships in the Tower Cliffs. 

He named it in honor of his father and constructed the first fort there. “I am Jon!” he exclaimed after victory. This territory is now under me, and it will be known as Jorvik. In addition, he said “with my spirit and life, I will protect it as long as I survive!”

So, now you know When Did Jon Jarl Land on Jorvik. Even though the people had no food and faith, yet they did not dare to question Jon. It is because of his determination and confidence in God’s visions that he holds them together. Undoubtedly, Jorvik would not have been found without Jon Jarl’s bravery. 


Nature’s rule is that everything comes to an end one day, so did Jarl’s life. After the rule of 45 years, when his life ended, he was buried at Jarl’s Tomb near Fort Pinta. His burial in April 1263 was attended by many guests from all clans of Jorvik. We hope you like our article on When Did Jon Jarl Land on Jorvik.

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So, have you explored the world of Jorvik and played Star Stable Online game? Tell us in the comment section below if you did so.

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