What Was the First among Us Map (Mar) Get Details Here!

What Was the First among Us Map 2021

What Was the First among Us Map (Mar) Get Details Here! -> Are you a fan of among us game? Do you want to know what the first map called? Please read our post to see the answer!

What Was the First among Us Map? The question is hovering in everybody’s mind since the game developers have launched three-game maps. You may be thinking about the same. Are we not correct? Among us is an interactive game, allowing you to chat with other gamers and play as a team. A single mistake of yours or your team member can make you win or lose the game against imposters. 

As almost all technological updates come from the United States, the among us map information has come from the same! The US consistently amazes us with a different game, website, software, medicine, and other items launch. “What Was the First among Us Map” is a new question trend surfacing on all social media platforms. Everybody is excited to know and explore the among us map for compelling gameplay. 

However, we will solely discuss among us game and its map in today’s post. Kindly continue reading it until we pose our final thoughts on the maps!

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What was it called?

Without wasting your time, we are finally revealing the first map name of among us game. SKELD showcases areas like storage, upper engine, reactor, security, and many others. You will learn about the places in the below sections. Now you know “What Was the First among Us Map?called!  

How does the SKELD map look like?

The map is sprawling and expansive, with large distances between every task location. It helps the crew members to take long strolls in areas to progress the game. On the other hand, the imposters can use the vents to move around and kill good crew members. However, the vents are designed into localized and small vent networks. It obstructs the impostors from moving all over the SKELD map. 

Name the areas of the SKELD map!

Many gamers have been asking us to name all the areas listed on the SKELD map. Therefore, we are listing them in our “What Was the First among Us Map” article for your better understanding:

  • Upper engine
  • Cafeteria
  • Weapons
  • Reactor
  • Security
  • Medbay
  • Lower engine
  • Electrical
  • Storage
  • O2
  • Navigation
  • Admin
  • Shields
  • Communication

What are the game experts saying?

The United States’ among us experts suggest that the SKELD map has numerous weak points. Regardless, it is among the most detailed game map for crew members to access the locations without coming across imposters. 

Our Final Thoughts:

We always believe in fulfilling the commitment we make to you! Therefore, we have performed thorough research on the “What Was the First among Us Map?” topic to give you all intrinsic details. You can read the information deciphered in the above sections to boost up the among us gameplay. Will you explore the SKELD map? Please share your answers with us! We will appreciate your participation.

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