What Time Is The Airship Coming To Among Us (March) Read

What Time Is the Airship Coming To Among Us 2021

What Time Is The Airship Coming To Among Us (March) Read >> This article talks about a popular game and the additional new feature that is backed by amazing options.

Among Us, fans in the United States are in for a treat. Want to know What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us? Well, the wait is all set to get over. The gaming feature, which was announced during the Game Awards in 2020, is ready to be available for players and fun.

The new feature update will be made available to users from 31 March 2021. To know more about the feature and the time, you will have to read the article till the end without skipping any line.

A Few Lines about the Among Us

Before we dazzle our readers unveiling What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us, let’s glimpse through the game quickly. Among Us is a social deduction game that saw a phenomenal fan following, surpassing over 200 million downloads in 2020. It also received the Best Multiplayer and Mobile Game in the recently held Game Awards 2020 in the United States.

It is a cross-platform game which means, it can be used across multiple devices. The users must find the imposters to eliminate them, while the imposters must covertly sabotage crewmates and kill them to emerge as the winner.

What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us?

Over time, the game has kept users hooked to the screen and added newer features to increase the adventure and entertainment level. As per the announcement made by InnerSloth, the new feature of Airship will be made available for update from March 31. 

However, when it comes to the launch time for the feature, Innersloth confirmed no specific time. As per further updates, the new add-on can be expected during the working time as per the PST.

What is the New Airship Feature about?

The new Airship Map brings on more unique tasks, varied starting rooms, and a preliminary account system. While we don’t know exactly What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us, the feature’s trailer was shown off during The Game Awards 2020. The feature includes:

  • Many new map areas and tasks
  • Newer features of choosing which room to start with

Herein, the player is asked to be ready for the new set of tasks for Crewmates to safeguard themselves from imposters. Few perks include:

  • Polishing a gemstone
  • Wiggling a trash bag out of the bin
  • Ladders and shortcuts
  • Floating platforms to transport players to the other side of the map

Conclusion – A Bonanza Option for Extravagant Gameplay

It thus increases the curiosity to know What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us, considering the plethora of options laid across for players. From new kill animations to that of cosmetics matching the Airship theme, the game is all set to win the hearts of the players worldwide with its alluring features and new additions.

Are you excited about the new Airship feature? What has been your experience in the game? Please share with us your views by leaving them in the comments box below.

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