What Is Usps Text Scam 2021 (April) Know About It Here!

What Is Usps Text Scam 2021 .

What Is Usps Text Scam 2021 (April) Know About It Here! >> The write-up shares details about the new scam text message and methods to report the scam. Please get informed here.

Are you consistently receiving unsolicited text messages on your mobile asking you to take action for pending USPS delivery by clicking on the suspicious link? Please don’t click on such links as they are the new scam campaign by con artists called smishing.

The new type of phishing entails a phone number or text messages to target innocent residents in the United States. Scammers are sending deceptive scam messages to lure recipients and steal their financial and personal details. 

People are worried and want to learn What is Usps Text Scam 2021 and how to report the scam to the authorities. 

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About USPS Text Message Scam 2021

USPS Text Message Scam 2021 is the huge phishing text scam that claims to be from USPS. Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau in the United States have already warned the residents about phishing scams.        

The USPS text message scam is a new phishing scam that went viral. The scam entails sending text messages to victims to notify them about a pending parcel that needs action. The Usps Text Scam message comprises a suspicious link that redirects the victims to an online customer satisfaction survey page where they are asked to share card details.

As per the fraud prevention site, the domain or URL of the scam is located outside America. The text scam targets the victims to steal their personal and financial information via private channels, like text. The text scam also involves malware to inject into the device of recipients.

So, the recipient of the text scam must report it immediately to stay safe and avoid becoming the next victim of the scam. We hope that now you have got an idea about – What is Usps Text Scam 2021.

The Motive of the Scam

The USPS Text Message Scam is the unsolicited text message pretending to be delivered by USPS. However, it is a scam with a motive. Cybercriminals want to steal the identifiable information of the victims. It includes:

  • Account password and username
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number     
  • Debit/credit card details
  • PINs
  • Other sensitive information 

All these details are stolen to perform crimes like financial fraud. Recipients of these messages must stay alert and report the scam text message immediately to prevent others from falling prey to such scams.

How to Report the Usps Text Scam?

Victims who have received the scam text message can report about it by writing an email to spam@uspis.gov.

  • Victims are required to copy the text message and paste it into the email body.
  • Share the name of the email and attach a screenshot of the text displaying the random number of the sender.
  • Accompany the relevant details and send the email. The Postal Inspection Service will take necessary action. 

The non-USPS scam text message can also be reported at the website of the Federal Trade Commission, Internet Crime Complaint Center or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Final Thought 

Hopefully, we have answered the question What is Usps Text Scam 2021, and now you are in the state to identify such scams and report them immediately to avoid getting victimized.     

You must not click on any links sent to you from random numbers or share your confidential details until you confirm the details of senders. 

Have you ever received such scam text messages? What step have you taken? Please share it in the comments section. 

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