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The below post help you learn about the recent protest in the USA and why people are chanting the slogan repeatedly Wewontgo Back com.

Have you heard of the ongoing movement against the abolition of abortion rights? It is in the right of the government or court that they can make and change any law enforcement by approving it by the Supreme Court. A very recent incident is concerning this. This order has created huge chaos among the people of the United States

Through this post, we will discuss the law and what the decision and demonstration is all about. Also, the protester’s slogan Wewontgo Back com. Follow the blog to the end to know more. 

What is all about the protest we won’t go back to? 

The fuss started when the court issued an order in favor of abolishing abortion rights. People are very much against this decision; they want the court to take it back, and they are expressing their non-agreement with the decision through social media, and they have been demonstrating on the streets with the slogan ‘We won’t go back ‘and ‘My body is my choice. ‘ 

But the question that arises is whether the movement of Wewontgo Back com can be successful. Nothing can be guaranteed; looking at the current situation, it can get worse or better.

What is the Roe v. Wade law all about? 

According to Roe wade’s rules, it is provided in the fundamental rights of a person to seek an abortion. Many other laws related to Human Rights are made under this law. Therefore, they can choose abortion as they see fit regarding their health. 

But the court has decided to overturn the constitutional law and enforce a new law upon the people across the country by issuing an order against the law. 

Why is this protest Wewontgo Back com trending? 

People are unhappy with the court’s decision and want them to take it back. Not only are the protesters in front of the court, but also on social media platforms, people are sharing their opinions in favor or against it. 

Demonstrators believe that they live in a democratic country and abortion is their right the body can take it from them. 

Recent happenings concerning the decision of the court?

Public opinion is that there is not a single law in the constitution that can’t be changed. So the court has to take back the order; otherwise, the demonstrations Wewontgo Back com will be continued, and it can be even bigger than this. They are getting international support also. 

Note: All information contained in the article is based on internet research. 

Final summary 

It is a chaotic situation. Nobody is ready to back out first. So let’s wait and see what happens in the future; until now, nothing looks like it will be solved simply because of the anger and frustration of people.The link is below if you want to learn more about the protest 

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