Welovediscounts Shop Reviews (March) Is this Site Legit?

Welovediscounts Shop Reviews 2021

Welovediscounts Shop Reviews (March) Is this Site Legit? >> The write-up will help you to acknowledge the unbiased reviews about the shop to guide buyers before they start online shopping. 

Are you in search of an online shop to get the best deal? Welovediscounts Shop brings the opportunity for all online shoppers to grab easy discounts.

Welovediscounts Shop is a new company that offers distant home accessories at a discounted price. The company aims to provide immense customer satisfaction with quality products. 

The people of the United Kingdom are curious to know more about the company. So, read the Welovediscounts Shop Reviews till the end to get the necessary information.

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What is Welovediscounts Shop?

The UK –based company Welovediscounts Shop launched its business on 21-02-2021. It aims customers to give utmost delight by offering super sale discounts of up to 50%. 

The company has a vast collection of innovative accessories at a special price. The company also ensures a satisfaction guarantee to online buyers.

Specification of Welovediscounts Shop

  • Webiste url;- https://welovediscounts.shop/
  • Website registered on – 21-02-2021.
  • Email id – info@welovediscounts.shop.
  • Address – No business address is available on the portal.
  • Phone no – No phone number is available on the portal.
  • Social media link – The Facebook page is available but without any Welovediscounts Shop Reviews.
  • Shipping Details – The company has not mentioned the shipping policy clearly on the portal. 
  • Refund Policy – Company offers a 14-day refund policy.
  • Payment methods – The company accept VISA and MasterCard. 

Is the return policy applies to all products?

Welovediscounts Shop mentions that customers can return products within 14-days of the receipt of delivery. The company is unable to offer a refund or exchange for over 14 days of shipment.

Customers cannot opt for a refund or exchange for perishable goods, gift cards, downloaded software, and personal care products. 

The company will not accept any return for used and damaged items. Customers need to return to their original state. Welovediscounts Shop Reviews mentions that the company does not accept returns 14-days after shipping.

Exchange policy of Welovediscounts Shop

Many times buyers want to exchange the products if they find the products damaged or defective. The company request customers to mail at info@welovediscounts.shop requesting for alteration. Buyers can send the product to the address mentioned on the packaging. 

Benefits of Welovediscounts Shop

  • The company offers variant accessories at a discounted price. 
  • The company avails customers get a super sale at a discount of 50%. 
  • Customers can enjoy a 14-day after-shipping refund policy.
  • The company offers the utmost satisfaction guarantee. 

Limitations of Welovediscounts Shop

  • Welovediscounts Shop Reviews mentions that it is a new company with a trust score of 1%
  • The portal does not mention a phone number to contact directly with the company. 
  • The Facebook page does not show any reviews about the company.
  • We don’t find any reviews from other recognized online platforms

 Do you think Welovediscounts Shop legit?

The online shoppers of the United Kingdom must check the legitimacy of the website before buying products. We have done a thorough research of Welovediscounts Shop, and we find the following facts about the company.

  • The company got registered on 21-02-2021
  • Welovediscounts Shop is just 17 days old as per Welovediscounts Shop Reviews.
  • The trust score of the company is just 1%.
  • We don’t find the ‘About Us” page on the company’s portal. 
  • The company’s portal does not mention any address and phone number.
  • We don’t find the company’s shipping policy mentioned on the portal. 
  • The company has its Facebook page. However, we don’t find any customer review to check the efficacy of the product. 
  • Facebook page has only two likes. 
  • We don’t find any product reviews on other recognized online portals.

Hence, we find the site is suspicious, and we cannot evaluate the effectiveness of products. 

What do you check in Welovediscounts Shop Reviews?

Online shoppers always want to check product reviews before they buy products from online shopping companies. Here Welovediscounts Shop is new in the market, and no customer has done any review about the company yet. 

Facebook does not possess enough details about the company. We don’t find any reviews about the company on the Facebook page. 

As a result, it makes us unable to mention the efficacy of the products of the company. 

Final Verdict

Welovediscounts Shop has made an excellent effort to offer the best accessories at a discounted price. It is a new company, and due to the absence of proper reviews, we suggest buyers do enough research before buying from it. 

Do you feel satisfied with Welovediscounts Shop Reviews? Do you want to make a deal with Welovediscounts Shop? Please share your thought with us in the box mentioned below. 

8 Comments on “Welovediscounts Shop Reviews (March) Is this Site Legit?”

  1. IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM – A CHINESE COMPANY POSING AS EUROPEAN. ALL GOODS ARE SHIPPED FROM CHINA AND ARE NOTHING RESEMBLING WHAT YOU ORDERED – STAY CLEAR. I ordered a set of 3 height kitchen shelves described and illustrated as coming up to kitchen top height and got a 6 inch high piece of metal frame work no one can identify; an “All-in-OnePowerToolpower” tool described and illustrated as a Lithium battery powered multi headed drill and received a set of minature screwdrivers; and a “Mr Cart” described and illustrated as a multi purpose garden wheelbarrow and received a kit to build a 8* high plastic child’s shopping trolley.

  2. Since 18 March 2021 there gave been extremely negative reviews of Welovediscounts shop posted on Trustpilot. To date, 30 March 2021, there are 8 negative reviews.
    Though the order is processed by Welovediscounts, and the tracking very good, the item that arrives is not the item ordered, and instead something cheep and nasty coming from China.
    I am one such person who has been scammed. I ordered a Rotatingshelf (TM) 1+1 Free 4F vegetable rack (metal) for the kitchen at £25.95. The order was placed on 2 March 2021, unfortunately prior to the article on about the shop, posted on this site on 10 March 2021. I received a cheep grey small plastic thing. I don’t know what it is.
    I emailed the company. Finally I received an email reply with return details to China for which I must include the invoice, there’s no invoice; tags, there’s no tags; and pay postage with tracking .. approx £6 to £7 from the UK.
    Before placing my order I researched as much as I could. The reviews on this shopppjng site seemed okay and the few other bits of information I could find.
    Interestingly on my credit card statement the payment that went out to Welovediscounts appears as WLD-SHOP WOERDEN NH and the email I received back from Welovediscounts was from someone named Jenna / MVI SHOP.
    I hope this information helps.

    1. I have had a similar issue I ordered the 5 tier + 1 free but never received it, well now I’ve read this post I think I have, as I did receive 3 grey plastic things that I had no idea what they were, or who had ordered them, so it could be them. I will be contacting my credit card company.

    2. I also bought items, plus received ridiculous item in the post of no use, still waiting for item I paid £32.90 for, which I will not receive as a scam, please do not buy anything from this site, pass onto others, report it, hopefully will be prosecuted at some point in the future, although highly unlikely, as allowed to continue operating, looking at all the people who are still been duped, this site needs closing down along with many others JG

    3. Hi there Jenna, hope you are well. I too have been scammed it seems by this company. I am looking to get in touch with WeLoveDiscounts shop. I also ordered the Rotating Shelf and a Total Shelf costing me £58.85 altogether. I just received a green plastic shelf which seems to be like a childs toy and a small metal cube type of thing. So so disappointed!

      Have you had any luck in returning the items and getting a refund?

  3. I ordered a kitchen shelf on Facebook from a wld promotion (bogof) The money was taken from my bank account & I have NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING! My bank has asked me to furnish them with all sorts of info about the company, none of which is accessible so, BYE BYE TO MY MONEY. DON’T BUY THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!

  4. This is a scammer Chinese company please my advise to you all not to buy anything from this basterd people., I order a kitchen rotating tower storage shelves after one month I have received a toy shelf, when I questioned them they asked me to send it back to them. The item is rubbish it’s not even worth more than 10 pence £0.10, I would be better off throwing it in the bin rather than paying international postage.. and since that even they don’t respond to my email.

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