We Got A Dog And I Hate It Article {Aug} Know More Here!

We Got A Dog And I Hate It Article 2021

We Got A Dog And I Hate It Article {Aug} Know More Here! >> Are you curious to know what this news all about is? Read out this post and know the dog story in detail.  

No one hates dogs as they are faithful and all-time favourite pets. However, it seems that the senior writer of “The times” is not happy with his dog. He has shared his worst experience with his pet dog on his Twitter handle with the caption I hate it. 

After an hour of his post, the news is getting viral in countries like United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and Australia with a tag line “We Got A Dog And I Hate It Article.” 

Solet us know in-depth about the news. 

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About Sean O’Neil

Sean O’Neil is the senior writer in The Times. In 2004, he was the paper’s crime and security editor. Also, Sean covers the story of current policies and terrorism. In past times, he broke the story of Oxfam’s cover-up for exploitation of young women and workers. He also writes about his own experience in his life, and recently he wrote about his dog. 

He said, I am not getting personal, but my experience was really bad. Things have been changed because my dog bit me, and it was a proper bite. Thus the news is getting viral with slang- We Got A Dog And I Hate It.

Why he hates dog?

On the social media platform, the news is getting viral that I hate dogs. What it means? And Why Sean said this? 

The news is about Sean’s dog Finn who bites everything that comes in his way, be it furniture and person. He always causes damages and stays dirt, which irritates Sean a lot. Further, he added that when he asks his dog to go for a walk, other pet owners always envy his pet dog’s breed. 

He also said things were best until Finn caused him injury. Thus, the news is viral recently.

People reactions to his post – I Got a Dog and I Hate It

While checking his Twitter account, we found his post has received more than 29 comments, 53 love, and 14 retweets. People comments are about sharing their own experiences with the dog, someone saying this incident cause to breed, and one said they don’t ask about the new NICE guidelines, ask the old one.

In a nutshell, you can say people have mixed reactions to his post. If you want to personally examine the comments, click here.  

This link will take you to his official Twitter account, and you can better know his post “We Got A Dog And I Hate It Articleand people’s reaction.

Wrapping it Up

The senior writer of The Times has shared his bad experience with his pet dog Finn. He shared the injuries he got because of his dog. 

Well, dogs are faithful animals to his owner, but in the condition of Sean, it seems incomplete. He is pissed off with his dog and starts hating him because he gives injuries to him. 

Tell us what you would do if you are in Sean’s position? Don’t hesitate to share your views on the viral post We Got A Dog And I Hate It Article.

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