Water Goddess Astd {July 2021} Read And Excel In Game!

Water Goddess Astd 2021

Water Goddess Astd {July 2021} Read And Excel In Game! >> This article details everything about a newly introduced character on a gaming platform.

Have you heard about the beautiful new Aqua character introduced in a Roblox game? Are you interested to buy an exclusive 5-star unit to display in Atsd? If your answer is yes, then you should know all about Water Goddess Astd.

This unit is gaining attention worldwide because of its amazing powers and limited availability. So, check out all the details if you want to be one of the lucky players!

About All Star Tower Defense:

All-star Tower Defense – it is a video game. Since its creation on 5th July 2020, more than 1.7 billion people have visited this game. The developers of All-Star Tower Defense are Tacomura, AngeIicMar, MoltenPrime, and AStrongMuscle. 

In this game, all the units, such as Water Goddess Astdhave unique and powerful qualities. You can use the Emote Shop and Summon Gate to keep on adding new units every hour.

This game also has features like:

  • Advancement of the troops to unlocking attacks during the battle, 
  • Summoning units from the summon gate to acquire new characters so that they can be used
  • Make a team of your friends to help you take on story mode or infinity tower. 

Thi game’s popularity is with 82,212 players who are active and over 671,000 positive ratings worldwide.

What is Water Goddess Astd?

Now, we will discuss the most important part of this article, the Water Goddess. Aqua in KonoSuba, a Japanese novel series, inspires this unit.

Let’s look at all the details about Water Goddess:

  • It is a 5-star unit with a ground tower type of AoE cone that upgrades to the AoE circle.
  • There is a 0.25% chance or 1 out of 400 chances that you get this unit because only a total of 5000 people can obtain it from Super Fireworks.
  • People usually consider her as a show-off unit rather than a must-buy one.
  • Water Goddess Astd can be deployed for $500 at level 80.
  • The original damage is 545.96; the range is 25, SPA is 7, and DPS is 77.99. 
  • The upgrade can go up to Damage 15402.95, Range 75, SPA 7, and DPS 2200.42.
  • It has 6 upgrades, Upgrade 1 and 2 are available for $600, Upgrade 3 and 4 for $1000, Upgrade 5 is for $2000 and Upgrade 6 for $3000.
  • You can sell the troops for half the deployment cost plus the cost of updates.


Players all over the world have been highly impressed with this character and the power showcased by it. Since Water Goddess Astd is a distinguished unit for only 5000 people globally, everyone wants to buy and flaunt it. So you should go ahead and buy it. 

However, be aware of the fact that Not all Robux Generators are safe

Check out: to download All-Star Tower Defense.

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