Washington Prime Group Malls {June} About Latest News!


Washington Prime Group Malls {June} About Latest News!>> Read here regarding the US mall funding company which have gone bankrupt due to covid19.

Recently across the United States and Canada, there is an update regarding the Washington Prime Group being bankrupt. So, here’s in detail we going to share the news regarding the same with you.

So, read regarding the Washington Prime Group Malls Inc. and all the information concerning the same. Washington Prime Group is a real estate American-based investment trust which aims at investing in shopping centers.

On 14th June 2021, the Washington Prime Group declared that they were filing Chapter 11 for bankruptcy.

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About Washington Prime Group:

  • Washington Prime Group is an investment trust that funds the shopping centers present across America.
  • This industry was founded seven years ago, on the 28th of May 2014.
  • – The Washington Prime Group company owned the interest in one hundred and four shopping centers as of 31st December 2019, containing a leasable area of fifty-six million square feet.

Notables Properties Of Washington Prime Group:

What Malls Does Washington Prime Group Own? Well, here’s the list of some property names:

  1. Anderson Mall located in Anderson, South Carolina 
  2. Ashland Town Center located in Ashland, Maryland 
  3. Bowie Town Center located in Bowie, Maryland 
  4. Boynton Beach Mall located in Boynton Beach, Florida 
  5. Chautauqua Mall located in Lakewood, New York 
  6. Clay Terrace located in Carmel, Indiana 
  7. Cottonwood Mall located in Albuquerque, New Mexico 
  8. Dayton Mall located in Montgomery County, Ohio 
  9. Edison Mall located in Fort Myers, Florida 
  10. Grand Center Mall, located in Vienna, West Virginia 

As of December 31st, it was stated that Washington Prime Group Company owned the interest of 104 shopping malls.

Recent News Updates Regarding Washington Prime Group Malls:

Well, a few hours ago, the news went on viral around an online platform that Washington Prime Mall owners have gone bankrupt due to the covid19 pandemic.

So, the company had filed an issue regarding bankruptcy protection, and it’s a third major Mall in the US to undergo this because of pandemic covid19.

Washington Prime Group, which runs a total of one hundred and two malls across the US, stated that due to lockdowns, the closure of the Malls hurt the business.

The company’s official stated that an additional loan of $100 million would keep their Mall in operation while the Company has gone bankrupt.

More Info Regarding The News:

How Many Malls Does Washington Prime Own? Well, we already saw the names of some of the notable Malls owned by the Washington Prime.Read here regarding the other Malls owned by the Washington Prime Group

It’s stated by the company that all the Malls are now opened from December, but the sales have decreased after someplace saw the second wave of coronavirus surge.


Covid19 pandemic has been a harsh element for every platform and had created a mess across all the nations. So same happened with the Washington Prime Group Malls resulting in bankruptcy due to the shutdown of shops and Malls all around.

So, this was a brief news article presenting you with the recent news about the Washington Prime Group.

Do you want to share additional info regarding the same? Please share with us below!

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