Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free (March) To Go Bagless!

Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free 2021

Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free (March) To Go Bagless! >> This article gives you details about a new environment-friendly campaign by a big store. Please check the details now.

Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free refers to the famous store chain Walmart deciding not to use plastic bags anymore. They have cited the adverse environmental effects as the reason behind it. As part of an initiative and some other factors, Walmart has decided to eliminate plastic bags and look for an alternative.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this topic and obtain other relevant information, please keep reading this article. We’ll also tell you what led Walmart to make this decision. This topic has gained a lot of traction in several regions, including the United States.

Why is Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free?

You must be aware of the environmental threats of the use of plastic bags. They are unrecyclable and do not decompose in the ground, which leads to soil pollution. 

Statistics suggest that millions of plastic bags are used every day at malls, shops, and other stores. These bags are thrown away immediately after use. The massive quantity of these bags leads to immense soil pollution, which has become a primary environmental concern. 

For this purpose, Walmart and other store chains have decided not to use plastic bags and use some other alternatives instead.  Several options have already been suggested as part of an initiative in the United States and other regions.

Details about Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free 

We have already mentioned why Walmart has decided to carry forward without the use of plastic bags. Please take a look at the details given below to know more about it.

  • “Beyond the Bag” is an initiative where several store chains and other members look for plastic bag alternatives.
  • Plastic bags offer a lot of ease; they’re lightweight and relatively strong, making finding a feasible option somewhat tricky.
  • Walmart is also working actively in the same direction to find an alternative after their Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free decision.
  • Beyond the Bag Challenge was introduced where interested authorities were asked to develop alternatives to the plastic bag.
  • Out of all the submissions, nine ideas won.
  • The Eon, ChicoBag, SmartC, GOATOTE, Sway, etc., are some of the winners.
  • The winners will receive a million dollars to see their vision through and test their ideas out thoroughly.
  • They are also eligible to receive additional funding if the need arises and something to be gained from doing so.
  • Walmart will also continue to make efforts from its end in the meantime.

Final Verdict

Plastic bags are one of the major contributors to soil pollution and other factors. Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free is trending as Walmart has decided not to use plastic bags to save the environment as part of a campaign. All the other related details are given above. 

Do you think that this method will be pivotal towards the goal of the complete elimination of the use of plastic bags? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. Please reach regarding any query; your interactions are welcome and highly appreciated.

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  1. The biggest problem I can see is for us shop on line/deliveries. I use re-usable bags when I myself shop but how would I go about using them when I shop for groceries on line?

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