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Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 has the latest update on the primary election and discusses the chances of a run-off for the Democrat nominee.

Are you looking for the primary election result for the Sheriff Position in Wake County?  Although the mid-term general election for the post is scheduled for 8th November 2022, the primary chooses each candidate from Democrat and Republican sides.

The Sheriff is an important office in the United States as an officer of Sheriff Rank is elected to control law and order in a particular county.  The Republican Party has a clear winner, but the fight for Democrat candidates is still on; read Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 to know more about this story.

Primary Election for Wake Sheriff Department:

The Primary election for finding candidates from each party was held on 17th May 2022.  Around 44,902 voters cast their vote from 28th April to 14th of May, and its counting was held on Tuesday.  According to the reports, Republican Party candidate Donnie Harrison appears to be the clear winner with more than 80 percent vote.

In North Carolina, the Sheriff Election candidate needs a 30% +1 margin to be declared the winner, but no Democrat candidate appears to cross this figure.  If the situation remains the same, a runoff can be expected to get the winner.

Wake County Sheriff Election Results:

Republicans have thrown three candidates in the race while Democrat has seven-candidate for Sheriff Primary.  In the Democrat election, Willie Rowe, with 4,620 votes, is a clear winner, but his vote counts for 29.45% of total votes and is just below the 30% + 1.  Incumbent Sheriff Gerald Baker is following Rowe with a 24.11 vote percentage.

Cedric Herring is in third place among seven-candidate with 16.29 percent of the vote and is 6765 votes behind Baker.  Some outstanding ballots are still to be counted, and Baker is waiting for the final tally. Wake County Sheriff Election Results for Democrat nominees are still open, and chances of a run-off couldn’t be denied. 

What are the chances of a Runoff for the Democrat Nominee?

After the counting of outstanding votes is done and Rowe couldn’t pass the 30%+1 threshold vote, Baker has an option of requesting a run-off poll.  Baker can request a run-off election till the 26th of May, and this election will take place on the 26th of June.

As Rowe is not getting near the threshold and Baker wants to take his work at Sheriff ahead, there are chances of a secondary primary taking place on the 26th of June. 

Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 Main Issues:

Each candidate raised various issues to lure their voters; Baker’s stress was on hiring and getting the right candidate for the job.  Rowe also felt that unless staff take the job seriously, it is hard to run the country’s administration.  Harrison feels that he has served the office for sixteen years and is the right candidate.

Final verdict:

It is becoming clear from the election result that Wake County will go for a run-off. html to find a Democrat nominee.  

People can share their views on the election result in the Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 comment section.

Note – All the details are entirely based on internet research.

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