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volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com (Jan)

volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com (Jan) -> Get your registration done for having Moderna Covid19 Vaccine. have more detail regarding it by going through this article!

Let’s learn about volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com, which will be held in the United States in recent days.

As some of the covid19 vaccines are being approved and its governments decide to avail this vaccine first to the citizens of age sixty-five and older. People need to register themselves so as the take the vaccination. 

Here you will know about the upcoming event hosted on January 14th 2020 in UN-related to covid19 vaccine registration program. So, the next occurrence of covid19 vaccination is going held in a day or two. Make sure if you want to participate, read this full article to have a clear idea about it!

What Is volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com?

The health department of Florida in(DOH-Volusia) Volusia County in a partnership with the County Of Volusia will host Vaccination event of covid19 registration, which will be held in Volusia County grounds as shared by eventribe.com. 

This Vaccination program will take place. Tomorrow for people who are sixty-five years old and above. This will commence Tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m that is on January 14th 2021 on Thursday, and the location will be Volusia County grounds, 3150 E. Avenue of New York DeLand. Its said that health officials would provide only Moderna vaccine at the program.

So, volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com provides information about the event which is going to take place in the UN.

Location Of The Event:

  • Volusia County Fairgrounds 
  • 3150 East New York Avenue 
  • Deland, FL 32724

United States

About Volusia County Fairgrounds Covid19 Event:

The covid19 event is going to be hosted on January 14th, 2021, that is on Thursday. Individuals of age group sixty-five and above will have to register themselves to get covid19 vaccine. Official addressed that pre-registration is necessary and only Moderna vaccine will be available at the event. The event is going to commence at morning 9 a.m and will stop at 1 P.m afternoon. We have already sited the location of the program which was sited on volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com website. 

There will be online registration which will open done on January 13th from 9 mornings onward. Five hundred appointments will be there in the time slot of one hour. The registration will no longer be done once the time slot is over and full. You can do two registration maximum via online, and through telephone, you can assess per transaction three registration.

The individual must have registered themselves one day before taking vaccine or else they will be disqualified from getting a vaccine. Individuals have to arrive at the scheduled time that they have been appointed with.


We wish that you all must be aware of volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com because all the informative details that we had shared above were just about the Volusia County Fairgrounds. Covid19 Event will take place Tomorrow from 9 a.m to 1 p.m for sixty-five years of age and above!

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