Voltex Scam {April} Get The Analysis Of Money Scam Here

Voltex Scam {April} Get The Analysis Of Money Scam Here >> Have you ever hired an electrician or plumber only to find out the service provider is a scam? Please peruse our post to avoid such scams!

Electricians and plumbers are professionals whom people blindly trust for their repair works. Have you recently hired a plumber or electrician for your home? Are you satisfied with the work quality and the repair cost? Please share your experience based on these questions in the comments. Voltex Scam is our today’s target for analysis. Therefore, kindly stay tuned!

The United States citizens generally need comprehensive research on products or services before investing their money. It is because scammers are present everywhere on US soil, and they never flinch to loot people. Have you ever been a victim of any service scam? Kindly share the details to keep others informed and alert!

Is it a scam?

Voltex is a business involved in selling electrical or plumbing products alongside the services of the same. Many people believe it is a scam. However, we are listing essential details as to why do they think the Voltex Scam is true. The following details will help you understand whether the company is a scam or legit:

  • The business address and contact number are misleading on the reviewing websites like HelloPeter(dot)com.
  • 3.7 stars out of 10 is derived from the previous customers’ experience.
  • The previous clients never recommend Voltex to their friends or families.
  • A less than 2-stars rating is decided based on overall stars given on the official website and online review portals.
  • Negative reviews are more than positive ones.
  • The service quality and results are not lasting enough.
  • The product pricing is also expensive.
  • Voltex Scam can be true since the service visit is never on time.
  • One user claims the business failed to give the needed product for more than two weeks.

If we have to analyze the website under given circumstances, we would never suggest that Voltex is a legit business. Please stay informed about the prices, terms/conditions, recommendations, reviews, etc., to avoid such scams.

Voltex Business Specifications:

  • Website type: Plumbing and electrical product and service provider
  • Affiliations: SAFEHOUSE and Proudly Bidvest
  • Payment Modes: Online wire transfer, credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.
  • Order Tracking: Available. You will get a tracking number within 24 hours of placing your order.
  • Is Voltex Scam True? – Yes
  • Delivery period: Depends on your location
  • Shipping period: 3-15 days depending on the location
  • Return: Applicable within two days
  • Return Cost: 25% of your order amount
  • Cancelation: Available within seven days with deductible charges
  • Trust Index: 3 out of 10 stars
  • Business Recommended: No

Our Final Thoughts:

Surprisingly, the business owner has not taken any step to change the negative reviews with improving services and customer experience. The negative user comments date back to 2008 until now. In this manner, Voltex is constantly getting negative feedback and market reputation. You can read the official website’s terms/conditions to realize the Voltex Scam. Will you check-out the site? Kindly share your thoughts with us!

One Comment on “Voltex Scam {April} Get The Analysis Of Money Scam Here”

  1. I am an electrical engineer.
    Voltex IS a scam. There is NO technology that can cut your electricity bill as described.
    Other similar devices are also scams.

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