Voicemail Text Message Scams {Aug} What Is It About?

Voicemail Text Message Scams 2021
Voicemail Text Message Scams {Aug} What Is It About? >> Have you heard about the Voicemail Text scams? Well, get a brief overview of it and learn what this fraud is about.

Well, scams nowadays on every platform is very common. You might have heard of the online scams done to innocent people now and then. 

While in Australia and the United Kingdom, individuals are complaining of Voicemail Text Message Scams. This scam transmits to a person’s device through the internet. The Message will be delivered stating that someone sent the Voicemail to you. However, there are frequent changes done by scammers. So it’s vital to read how can one avoid this kind of scams and stay safe!

Deep Overview Of ‘You Have A New Voicemail’:

It’s very risky that often this kind of scam are linked to devices, mainly computers. The scams usually is carried out to get into the system computers via scams. The scam Voicemail that are sent to the devices leads to financial loss routing expensive mobile calls. Well, this is what is Voicemail Text Message Scams

While other consequences of these scams are:

  1. Wrong use of servers criminally
  2. Phishing and Blackmail
  3. Botnet Recruitment 

How Does This Scam Work?

As similar to scams of whatsapp Voicemail frauds, these voicemail Text scams are also the same. This is sent to you by the internet, and you will be informed that individuals had left the Voicemail. The text might carry the sender’s name stated as LINE. While the email address of it could appear as Bobby.hatfield@dfwexpressdelivery.com

However, it’s said by various sources that scammers of Voicemail Text Message Scams might make changes in the sender’s name and email. So it’s instructed to be safe and aware of this kind of email style.

Once you open an email, they will receive a notice that the email has been opened and had got the individual’s attention. Well, now you will be asked to listen to the Voicemail Text. As soon as you tap on it, you will get redirected to the portal, where you will be asked to download a Browser 6.5 on the phone or computer, allowing you to listen to the text.

If you agree to this, you will be sent the recording via the premium rate phone number. They will also try to convince you are downloading other malicious apps. 

How To Avoid Voicemail Text Message Scams?

The only way is to ignore the text and delete it. However, you should know that whoever wants to contact you will call you directly rather than leaving an indirect Text on emails via unknown services. At the same time, the other suggestive option is reporting this type of text which appears as a scam.

Similar to these scams are messages such as contest by cutest baby, IRA investment gold, and WhatsApp gold. Beware of these scams in voice text form:  


In the end, our only suggestion is to you is ignore any scams text that you receive and report it if you want. Voicemail Text Message Scams is now very common, and  learning how to avoid them is essential.

Have you ever came across these scams? Comment down 

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