Vodafone Down Sydney (Apr 2021) Know About The Facts!

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Vodafone Down Sydney (Apr 2021) Know About The Facts! >> Are you facing issues as well? Read the article to know about how a famous network provider is down throughout the country.

Are you a Vodaphone user? Are you experiencing any issues regarding making phone calls or switching on data? Yes? Don’t you worry, you are not alone. We are here today to talk about how Vodafone went down nationwide, leaving its users vulnerable. 

The social media platforms Facebook and Instagram went down on Friday in Australia making people think if their data was not working but, only little did they know that their service provider is next. 

We will see how Vodafone Down Sydney impacted the people but let us first see what and how the telecom giant reacted to the customer complaints.

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Vodafone Tweets in Response to countrywide Outage

The issue of 4G outages and one not being able to send or receive any calls or messages or connect to the data started around 11 in the morning. People went furious and flooded Vodafone’s Twitter and other social media. 

In response, Vodafone tweeted, “We’re currently experiencing some network issues and are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.” 

About Vodafone Down Sydney, A Vodafone spokesperson said, “Data services may be falling to 3G from time to time, causing overcrowding and slower speeds for customers.”

When Will the Problem Be Resolved? 

Vodafone’s 10:32 AM Tweet reply said that “We are gradually restoring 4G services for all customers universally. Over the course of the afternoon, customers will see their services return to normal.”

Currently, thousands of people are still unable to access their data or make or receive any phone call. People are still storming the down detector websites and complaining about the same issue – Vodafone Down Sydney.

The network provider said that they are aware of the problems faced by their customers and that the 4G services are down worldwide. They said that they are solving the issue and apologized for the troubles and inconvenience face by the customers and thanked them for their patience. 

Problems Faced by The Customers 

Over 15,000 people have reported an issue with Vodafone’s network in Australia on a Tech. tracking website- Downdetector.  

Many people are unable to join their online conferences or meetings due to a lack of data connectivity. Along with Vodafone Down Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and almost every major city, people have started to post messages asking to boycott Vodafone.  

Many people have said that the network issue is causing them to lose money as some of them are Uber Drivers, Online workers, or Investors. 

People have been commenting that if someone wishes to connect to emergency services or any life-saving emergency number, what are they supposed to do? People have started spamming unsafe comments and tweets regarding the same. 

Final Verdict 

The network services and the 4G data of the telecom giant Vodafone are down from Friday morning, and their customers are furious about it. Vodafone has apologized for the inconvenience and said that the services shall resume soon. 

Are you facing trouble due to Vodafone Down Sydney? Comment Down below and let us know your thoughts regarding this.

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