Verizon Free Message Scam (Oct 2021) Read How To Avoid?

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Please read this news report to be aware of the Verizon Free Message Scam, a recent spamming attempt to the users, and methods to avert such fraudulence.

In today’s times, digitization is growing fast, and smartphones and other electronic systems have made our lives super easy. But, along with the umpteen advantages, comes the question of security. Conmen constantly innovate new methods to deceive mobile users, and many people also fall prey.

In today’s report, we have covered yet another scamming attempt that is the Verizon Free Message Scam. Verizon and other telecom users from the United States must be aware of this incident to avoid giving away their confidential data. 

How Harmful are Scam Messages?

Scam text messages are capable of causing much damage to your smartphone. These texts are mostly attached with a link, and their messages are decorated so that the users are prone to open that URL. On clicking the links, the users are redirected to a phishing website, wherein confidential information such as the users’ card details can be hacked. Often, the links can be encrypted with a virus, which can damage your smartphone’s operation system.

What is Verizon Free Message Scam?

Recently, the users of Verizon, a leading American telecom company, have been receiving messages on their phones that claim to reward them via a link. The messages apologize for the inconvenience caused to the users during the pandemic and thus are providing the users with some compensating amount. According to the messages, the users must click the URL to get the reward. Many Verizon users have received these doubtful messages and have raised concerns regarding their security.

Opening the links on these messages can cause the hacking of the personal information of the users like their CVV number or contact information. An encoded virus in the Verizon Free Message Scam may also interfere with the working of applications on their phones. Apart from Verizon, users of other service providers like AT&T and Hulu have complained about receiving similar messages with attractive gifts. 

How to Avoid Being Victimized to Scam Texts?

Please keep the following steps in mind to protect your device and private information from malicious text messages.

  • Always save the numbers of your acquaintances so that you can easily identify unknown contacts.
  • You must treat all messages that are associated with cash prizes or other rewards with utmost caution. Nowadays, all such texts are meant to deceive users. 
  • Never open the links of Verizon Free Message Scam or other dubious texts.
  • Many messages will ask for your card details or One Time Passwords as replies. Never provide such information to the senders.
  • When you receive such spam messages, immediately report and block the sender, a facility all smartphones have. In case you are unable to block the sender, contact your service or device provider. The spam messages will then be automatically blocked the next time you receive them. 


Mobile users must be very alert nowadays and never encourage any doubtful calls or messages. By being aware, we can defeat the conmen’s malicious attempts like the Verizon Free Message Scam. Please read further about blocking spam messages  for protecting your device and vital details. Also, please peruse How To Protect Yourself From Online Scam for further safety.

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