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Vandell Shop Reviews [Mar 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Vandell Shop Reviews [Mar 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> Do the store with daily discount offers are safe to use? Please read our article and know the answer to the question

Do you want tools to repair your cars? If so, then throw some light on Vandell Shop that has all accessories to repair your vehicles. In the United States, people are fond of using stores that provide all electronic gadgets.

In today’s content, we will share Vandell Shop Reviews written down by the people online. One of the most crucial facts, whether the store is safe to purchase goods or not, will be discussed before the article ends. So, be with us to know all information about Vandell Shop.

What is Vandell Shop?

Vandell Shop is a store that sells accessories for repairing your motor vehicles and cars. If you are adventurous and love to perform sports activities, then Vandell has accessories of water sports for you. Kids can find skateboards, scooters, stuff toys, play tent for them.

The company brings the best quality products from different suppliers and sells them to their customers. But the answer to Is Vandell Shop Legit must be known to every customer who is buying the product from the portal. Isn’t it?

Not only kids, but this shop also has products that can be used to decorate your homes and gardens. The beauty and healthcare items can also be found in the Vandell Shop. 

Specifications of Vandell Shop

  • Type of site – the store with all tools and sports items.
  • Phone number – 61408248817
  • Address – 64 Belmore Street, RYDE, NSW 2112.
  • Email Address – GillianDelaney108540@gmail.com
  • Delivery timing – 15-20 days
  • Refund policy – the shop provides a full refund

Pros of Vandell Shop

  • Vandell Shop provides daily discounts.
  • Kids can have puzzles, games, and toys from the site.

Cons of Vandell Shop

  • No Vandell Shop Reviews are found on any platform.
  • The domain of the shop will expire in May 2021.
  • The social media icons do not work. Moreover, during the research, we do not find its activeness on social media.
  • The website has shared the suspicious email address with the buyers. The address shared is also incorrect.
  • The store uses only a single method of accepting payments that is PayPal. The shipping policy and return policy is not explained in brief.

Is Vandell Shop Legit?

Now, we will answer your question by taking the help of different facts:-

  1. Domain age- The domain is old. It was registered on 26 May 2020. As the portal was registered for a year only, so we cannot use Vandell Shop after two months.
  2. Activeness on Social Media – The shop has not shown its availability on social media. The social media icons on the web page of the portal do not work.
  3. Rating – The buyers share no Vandell Shop Reviews and ratings. Vandell is given a 23.8 rating out of 100 on the scam detector. The low rating shows that the portal has many flaws. 
  4. Wrong information- The store has shared the wrong contact details with the customers. The address points to the street. The name of the shop is absent from the email address. Moreover, only people with PayPal accounts can purchase from the portal. 

On considering all the facts, we cannot say that Vandell is a trustworthy portal. These negative signs made the Vandell shop a dubious site on which customers cannot rely.

What are Vandell Shop Reviews? 

In the United States, Vandell Shop is not well known to the people, and due to which months have passed and no buyer has shared their comments online. The site has not made its social media accounts, and as a result, we even don’t know if people like their items. 

Vandell Shop is going to expire soon. There is no hope that within two months, Vandell will get reviews. 


In the end, we have found all the facts which buyer should be aware of:

  • The absence of Vandell Shop Reviews is the negative sign which makes the portal doubtful.
  • The registration of the portal for a short time does not allow us to trust it.
  • The information shared is inappropriate.
  • The Scam detector also warns the buyers to stay away from the portal.

The Vandell Shop is a fraudulent website, and we cannot trust it. Readers, we advise you to use some other portal for purchasing all your needy accessories.

Have you shopped from Vandell before? Do the products reach you safely? We will be waiting to hear from you.

18 thoughts on “Vandell Shop Reviews [Mar 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax”

  1. I placed an order with them and paid through PayPal. PayPal shows the payment, but the order status on Vandell.com shows Awaiting Payment. The email address they list errors with Account Disabled message. There is no other method to communicate with them on their site. I may be hosed.

    • How long have you waited from purchase to contact PayPal about possibly being scammed? Has there been any updates on your order?

    • I have sent three emails to VANDELL at the email contact information provided on the site. I have been completely ignored. The VANDELL site is obviously bogus. They trap you by offering unheard of low prices and then they charge your accounts without any intention or means of filling your order. DON’T TRUST VANDELL. It is a rip off.

      • Same here, PayPal seems to be in on it, the only way to pay for some is through PayPal. I filed a claim and PayPal denied it saying the item was delivered . I have 6 surveillance cameras and 2 Ring products and none of them show a delivery on the date and time the they claim it was delivered. Scam! Scam! Scam!

    • Same here, PayPal seems to be in on it, the only way to pay for some is through PayPal. I filed a claim and PayPal denied it saying the item was delivered . I have 6 surveillance cameras and 2 Ring products and none of them show a delivery on the date and time the they claim it was delivered. Scam! Scam! Scam!

  2. I placed an order 3/1/2021, with Vandell. Order total $60.89; charged to PayPal $69.00. Still showing “Awaiting Shipment”. I understand they may ship to USA only once monthly to fill container; but, they advertise DHL service and I have received from other overseas companies using DHL in a timely manner. I may try to get charges reversed through PayPal. I, also, may be “hosed”.

  3. I sent on 18 March 2021, thru PayPal about $79 + $11 USD ($11 ship&handl’g?) for electronic device. Email responce is “not found” & phone # says it does not exist. I have not but will contact PayPal and see if they will give me any information. Will report on that soon.

  4. I also placed an order on vandell.com and all I get is a comment that item is waiting shipment. Afraid that’s as far as it’s going. No way to get direct contact with them. The only method of payment was through pay pal. Disappointed with Pal Pal response so far seems they should be able to contact seller that uses them.

  5. Looks like I got screwed as well. If my order doesn’t change status by the end ofnthe week, I’ll be contacting PayPal for a refund, post a negative comment on Vandell, & commence my search again for the item I need.

  6. I contacted paypal and after a bit they sent me a tracking number “proving” I received the package.
    I called ups and and they said the tracking was to a different address. So vandell sent paypal
    a false tracking, which an honest company wouldn’t do. Paypal refuses to hear any more about it,
    which is the most annoying of all.

  7. I placed an order on March 17th 2021 for a belt disc sander for $ 62.94 , Every day I checked the status, It kept saying awaiting shipment, My Pal Pal was charged $ 72.00 to a Wang Shine Trading Develop LTD. in Hong Kong. Vandell’s web site and email was taken down. So I emailed Wang’s and still awaiting a response.
    If I don’t hear from them by next week I will contact Pay Pal & Citi Card to void this transaction.
    I advise any one else who is in the same situation to contact Pay Pal first,then check your credit card Co. to see who it was billed to.then contact them.
    I got a feeling that will be some cheap knock off of the product that I ordered.


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