Valorant 0xc00005 (March) Some Possible Solutions Here!

Valorant 0xc00005 .2021

Valorant 0xc00005 (March) Some Possible Solutions Here! >> The write-up shares details about the error code players are facing along with easy fixes. Please have a look the details now.  

Valorant players might have encountered the application error code Valorant 0xc00005, which is also referred to as Access Violation Error, as per Windows. It is the common error that players experience when attempting to launch the game after a patch update. It is caused due to multiple underlying causes. 

The error code appears when the players attempt to run or launch the application or game. It prevents the players from accessing the programs and games, and it comes with a message saying that the game is unable to start correctly. 

Many players in the United States have reported the error online and searched for effective solutions and fixes.

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What is Valorant 0xc00005?

Valorant Error Code 0xc00005 is the common error when the players try to launch or open the game on their Windows device or console. It is the Windows-related error faced by the Windows users only, regardless of the OS version. 

It is the application error caused by many underlying issues. Many users in the United States have confirmed that the error usually appears after the developer’s patch update. The error hinders the players from launching the game and accessing its functions. 

As the error code appears, Windows terminates the application and closes it, preventing the players from running the game on their Windows PC or console. As mentioned, many factors cause the error to occur, and hence players are finding effective solutions to fix the Valorant 0xc00005 and resume the game.

How to Fix the Error?

After researching, we have found a few methods to fix the error code. Users need to follow a few simple steps to fix it efficiently and run the game without hindrance.

  • If you have Anti-Virus downloaded into your system, launch the software.
  • As the software launches, go to the settings from the menu bar.
  • Click on the exception option available in the setting menu and click on “Add Exception.”
  • Now browse for the game location or file.
  • Find the Valorant location and select the game folder and click “OK.”
  • Try to launch the game, and the Valorant 0xc00005 would get fixed.

If you have an older version of Windows 7, it is time to upgrade it to Windows 10 and install the older version of Nvidia Driver to restore the game and fix the error. Restart the system and enjoy playing the game without hindrance.

What Players Have to Say About the Error?

The error is not only bothering a selected number of players, but many players face the error while playing or launching the game. 

Many gamers have shared their views and comments in the video tutorial. They have confirmed that it is caused due to patch update, and some say that it is due to other underlying causes. 


Valorant 0xc00005 is the common application error, and there are fixes available. However, players must carefully follow the steps to fix the error and resume gaming. 

It is important to understand the underlying cause of the error to implement effective solutions to fix it. So, find the reason behind the error and fix it accordingly. 

Are you facing the error and have a fix for it? Please share it with others in the comment section.

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