Uonmoney.xyz Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It Legit Site Or Not?

Uonmoney.xyz Reviews 2021

Uonmoney.xyz Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It Legit Site Or Not? >> This content mentions all possible guidelines to check before opting for the service of company.

Are you interested in earning money just by watching videos? If yes, read the content till the end to get more information. 

The citizens of the Philippines are eager to know the details about such earning process. Here is Uonmoney.xyz Reviews to grasp how you can make money by watching videos.

UonMoney is a new online platform that gives people an opportunity to earn money by watching promotional videos. The company offers $60 per minute for watching a video. 

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What is UonMoney?

In this tech-era, UonMoney started its operation in February 2021 to offer people to earn a good income via watching promotional videos. The company pays 50 cents for watching a video for one minute.  

The company seems to be a leading company in paid video viewing. 


  • Website url:-  https://uonmoney.xyz/
  • Website registered on:- 15.02.2021
  • Contact details:- No address, phone numbers, email id is available on the portal to check Is Uonmoney.xyz Legit or not.  
  • Type of videos:- Promotional videos
  • Earnings per video:- 50 cents per minute
  • Social media presence:- The Facebook page is available. 
  • Income on referral:- 40% from the earning of the referred users. 
  • Transfer of money:- Transfer of payment via Bitcoin wallets, PayPal, Bank cards on any foreign bank, bank accounts. 
  • Withdrawal of money:- User can withdraw money within one hour during working hours. It takes three to four hours to transfer money during non-working hours, including holidays. 

How do referrals can earn for you?

UonMoney offers you to earn on referrals too. You can invite your friends or relatives to join the website. Uonmoney.xyz Reviews share how such invitations give you 40% of the earning of the invitees. You can add more people by sharing the link via SMS, email, social media links, etc. 

How does the company transfer your earning? 

Once users request, they can withdraw money in one hour within the working hours. The company offers different payment options like Bitcoin wallet transfer, PayPal, bank card of other foreign banks, etc. Users are eligible to withdraw money within three to four hours during non-working hours. More details about the transfer of payment are available on Uonmoney.xyz Reviews 

Benefits of UonMoney

  • It is a good source of earning in your spare time.
  • Retired persons can make money through the website. 
  • Users can earn on referring other persons.  
  • One hour of streaming of videos can give you $30. 

Limitations of UonMoney

  • The website is just nine days old, and hence we find it hard to judge the genuineness of the site. 
  • Users will not find any customer reviews online. 
  • The website has got a trust score of 1% that makes the website doubtful. 
  • We don’t find contact details on the portal. 
  • We don’t find proper customer details of the last payments made. 
  • The domain extension is not reliable. 

Views on Is Uonmoney.xyz Legit or a scam

Company age, website trust score, customer reviews, social media links, contact details are prime factors to decide whether a company is legit or not. 

UonMoney started its journey on 15.02.2021, and hence it is just nine days old. Customers are not able to check the reliability of the site. Till now, no user has expressed their experience with the service of this company. 

The people of Philippines will also not be able to find contact details, address on the portal. We have found the Facebook page of UonMoney but without any post and customer reviews.

The company has mentioned some payment details on the portal. As a result, due to the absence of customer details, we cannot check the geniuses of these payments.  

What do you check in Uonmoney.xyz Reviews? 

Customer reviews are one of the most significant factors to judge the authenticity of a company. We tried to check the feedback of UonMoney on different online platforms. Unfortunately, this new website does not come with a single customer review. 

Hence, we cannot mention the effects of this company and its services. 

Final Verdict

UonMoney aims to offer a good earning during your spare time. However, the company is just nine days old, and hence it is too early to mention how much viable it is. 

The site also comes with nil customer reviews. These suspicious points make this website doubtful, and we suggest customers do more research before signing up. 

Do you find Uonmoney.xyz Reviews satisfactory? Do you sign up and earn money with UonMoney? Please do share your observations in the box mentioned below.

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    1. Uonmoney.. total bullshit.. after fulfilling their requirements.. they’ll block ur account.. trust me on this. Ive tried..

  1. For me its not hard to earn because i have alot of spare time to use. This will help people need money during this pandemic.

  2. i am already sign up after days of my sign in it is wrong password what can i do to recover my account ty

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