Trust Wallet Kyc Scam {Aug 2022} Read More About This!

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The guide shares details about a fake email text attempting to do Trust Wallet Kyc Scam. 

Did you receive any email asking you to complete your Trust Wallet KYC online? About eight months ago, a similar scam was reported by an online user, stating that he had received an email to verify his wallet and complete an online KYC. 

Similar emails have been sent again to the wallet users, urging them to complete the Know Your Customer verification online. But, it is an attempt to steal the financial details of users, and hence such scams must be avoided.  The Trust Wallet Kyc Scam has targeted many users in Australia

What is the KYC Scam in Trust Wallet?

Know Your Customer verification is the new process and the common rule for different financial platforms. Since Trust Wallet is an online financial wallet, users are wondering whether it will ask for Know Your Customer verification or not. 

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet app that is considered the platform to transfer funds and Crypto coins. Crypto investors and users widely use it. But, it is making news these days, especially after the KYC scam. 

Many users are receiving emails and text messages urging them to update KYC to continue using the wallet. But, it is a scam. 

How Does Trust Wallet Scam Text Look Like?

The scammers are sending email texts to many users in Australia. People are receiving email texts from an email ID that seems legit. As per sources, users are getting email text from “,” and the email text reads, “Your wallet account is not KYC verified.” 

The text message urges customers to complete online verification to continue using the services. Once the verification is complete, the account will get KYC verified. Many users received the same scam text last year, which has been reported online. But, online mobile wallet like Trust Wallet doesn’t need any KYC Verification to allow using the services. So, it seems to be a scam and must be avoided. 

Does Trust Wallet Need to Verify KYC?

Trust Wallet doesn’t ask users to verify their KYC details. It is a non-custodial online wallet where the assets and details are stored safely via cold storage. The wallet is ruled by a decentralized environment where every user has the right to control their assets. 

Since it is a decentralized platform, there is no need to share personal details or verify the KYC to access its services. So, the email to verify KYC is a new Trust Wallet Kyc Scam which must be avoided.        


The wallet is in the news because many users are getting fake email texts urging them to verify their KYC details. After evaluating, we found that a user reported a similar scam last year. They have reported receiving fake emails to verify their KYC details. Since Trust Wallet is a decentralized platform, it will never ask for personal details or verify KYC. So, the email you are getting is a new Trust Wallet Kyc Scam. Please read the guide on How to Protect Yourself from an online scam.

Did you receive any scam email texts? Please share it in the comment section.

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