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If you want to understand the lucrative sports career opportunities, nothing can give you the best reference than our Tristan Thompson Net Worth 2021 article.

Many young people wish to become sportsperson to earn handsome money and admiration throughout the country. However, only some people successfully become sports players and maintain lucrative career goals. 

Today’s post covers the financial details of an NBA player in the United States and the United Kingdom to give you some insight if you also want to become a basketball player. You can also read this article if you are interested in knowing Tristan Thompson Net Worth 2021

Who is Tristan Thompson?

Trevor Tristan James Thompson is a professional basketball player from Canada who currently plays for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. He played academic basketball for one season. After that he got selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft. In 2016, Thompson and the Cavaliers won the NBA title. He has also represented Canada at the international level.

The Cavaliers selected Thompson fourth overall in the NBA draught. Until Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett were chosen first overall in 2013 and 2014, he was the highest picked Canadian-born player in NBA history. 

What is Tristan Thompson Net Worth 2021?

The net worth of Tristan Thompson is projected to be 45 million dollars at the age of 29. According to estimates, the basketball star was paid 18 million dollars by the Boston Celtics during his stay there.

Tristan has a four-year contract for roughly 17 million dollars with the Cleveland Cavaliers, earning 4+ million dollars per season. From 2015 through 2019, his Cavaliers’ contract was extended to 82 million dollars. Thompson’s current NBA team, the Sacramento Kings, pays him 9.7 million dollars per year.

Salary of Tristan Thompson

Apart from the Tristan Thompson Net Worth 2021, Thompson’s salary was expected to be about 9.25 million dollars in 2021. His primary sources of revenue include playing in the NBA, being a member of the Canadian national basketball team, and sponsorships.

Salary History

  • 2021/22 Season: 9,720,900 Dollars
  • 2020/21 Season: 9,258,000 Dollars
  • 2019/20 Season: 17,380,434 Dollars
  • 2018/19 Season: 17,469,565 Dollars
  • 2017/18 Season: 16,400,000 Dollars
  • 2016/17 Season: 16,400,000 Dollars

Endorsements for Tristan Thompson

Thompson’s endorsement revenues have been a closely guarded secret. However, well-known businesses like Beats by Dre, Moet & Chandon, Compex, Nike, and Mountain Dew have all backed him. To add in the Tristan Thompson Net Worth 2021, he also appears in advertising on YouTube and the NBA app. Thompson is well-known for being a colossal spender with a posh automobile collection. He is also noted for his charitable contributions to the community. In memory of his younger brother, he established The Amari Thompson Fund.

Tristan allegedly had a contract with Tim Hortons, Canada’s restaurant


This was all that we can include in this article concerning Tristan’s net worth. With the above article, you may understand that the life of a celebrity is not easy as soon as he starts becoming famous in the industry. If you want to add more details to our Tristan Thompson Net Worth 2021 article, please write your suggestions in the comments.

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