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Trise Wordle {July 2022} Is This The Answer? Read Here!

Carefully go through this write-up, we’ve mentioned all the details on Trise Wordle.

Do you know how many attempts are given in Wordle? Are you well aware of its rules of it? Wordle attracted millions of people from countries like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia during the pandemic. 

Invented by Josh Wardle, the game is web-based and does not ask you to install an app or any software. Recently, Trise Wordlehas been trending. 

Details On The Topic

So why is Trise trending? People mistook the word Trite for Trise. As the words sound similar, players wondered what could fit well, either ‘T’ or ‘S.’ No one had any idea about the answer, and the possibility of Trite being Trise was never zero. Hence, people thought Trise could be the answer. 

Trise is an outdated word for Trice, which means, in an instant, a very short time. On the other hand, Trite refers to worn out by constant use; no longer fresh or original. Some of its synonyms are hackneyed, cliched, common, ordinary, banal, etc.

Answer For The Wordle And Trise Game

If you have ever played Wordle, you must know that getting stuck or losing is a regular thing. The level of puzzles varies every day. Hence, sometimes players get confused, enter the wrong guesses and end up all confused.

Something similar happened to people playing Wordle 396 on 20th July 2022. Five letters, six attempts, and good guessing and elimination strategy are all you get to decode the puzzle. Though, many times you can run out of luck. The answer for Wordle 396, 20th July, is TRITE. Trise Game and the confusion have now taught you two new words. Would you like to learn more? Scroll further for that.

Similar Words and meaning

Wordle has made sure that we learn a new word every day. It tests us daily. Hence, people are always in search of words that could help with their next future puzzle.

Here’s a list of similar words with its meaning:

  • Triad: A group or union of three people or things
  • Trigo: A type of grain; field of wheat
  • Trike: a tricycle; kind of ultralight aircraft 
  • Trion: three atoms of different colors 
  • Trill: quavering, the vibratory sound

Like Trise Wordle, you never know what could be the next word. So, would you like to learn more five-letter words?

  • Trick: a cunning act or scheme
  • Trist: agreement (between lovers) to meet
  • Triga: ancient Roman 3 horse chariot
  • Trial: court case, a lawsuit 
  • Tried: tested and proved good

Final Verdict 

While guessing and narrowing down the letters in the Wordle puzzles, many possibilities exist. For example, the answer could be Tries or Tried too. But overall, you get to learn, enrich your vocabulary, and have a good warm-up for your mind. So, we’ll suggest you keep playing Wordle every day. Know more words here.

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