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This news article shares information about Tracy Grimshaw Scott Morrison Interview and his success and criticisms.

Do you know Australian elections are ahead, and the polling booths are pulling up their socks? Did you know that there was a huge interview on Tracy Grimshaw’s show? Are you aware of the statement made on Tracy Grimshaw’s show? 

Learn about the recent updates in the elections of Australia and what is the recent statement made by Scott Morison. If you want to know about recent statements, you can stay tuned with us in this article. Let’s look at the controversial statement about Tracy Grimshaw Scott Morrison Interview

Statement of Scott Morrison in Tracy Grimshaw Interview

Scott Morrison revealed his two biggest mistakes in Tracy Grimshaw’s interview A Current Affair. There were other such statements about who saved the country with the ever-raging COVID-19 pandemic, the bulldozer approach and what he would not have done as a prime minister.

There is one statement that Morrison had made in Sunday’s speech about which Tracy asked him how he saved the country with the rampage of COVID-19. As there were other people with 16 hours wearing the PPR suits, and other references were made by Tracy. But in the Tracy Grimshaw Scott Morrison InterviewMorrison said that he had saved the country as a job keeper.

As a job keeper, he said that he closed the borders for international movements, there were easy vaccines available for the people and many other benefits to the people. He said Australia has performed much better than other developed countries in the world. 

So, for these works, he is considered the country’s saviour. Although you can also find some of the criticisms he faced in the interview; he clarified his policies and agendas for his future tenure. He said that he has an economic plan for the country, which his counterpart is not having. 

Important points of Tracy Grimshaw Scott Morrison Interview!

The important point of the interview was that he had performed well in his preceding tenure and saved the country from the rampage of COVID-19 and other crises. However, he was also criticised for his statement and work in Canberra. 

As the journalist said that due to his decision in Canberra, there would be a loss of women voters; on; he said that there might be some people who do not like his language, but it is not a loss of voters every time. 

So, these were some of the important points of the Tracy Grimshaw Scott Morrison Interviewwhich he had given before the actual polling among the people.

Some criticisms of Morrison!

There are some criticisms related to an approach with the French President, and upon this question, Morrison said that he does not have regrets about the decision as it was in his national interest. 

So, therefore these are some of the points and criticisms related to his tenure. Besides this, learn about this interview by clicking here.  


As the polls are approaching, candidates are trying hard to gain support from people. In one such effort in the Tracy Grimshaw Scott Morrison Interviewthe present Prime Minister Scott Morrison explained his success as a Prime Minister and a job keeper.

Please not all the details have been taken from the internet. What is your view about his tenure? You can mention the tenure in the comment section below. 

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