Tracing Notification Scam {July 2022} Know The Details!

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Scroll down this article to know all the details related to the Tracing Notification Scam and other gossips.

Have you ever heard about the tracing scam? Do you know warnings have already been issued? Do you want to know the details inside the scoop? Then you have to follow this write-up till the end.

As this problem was first noted in the United Kingdom and people are facing major fake tracing scams, people are complaining, and now they are searching to know about the warning related to the Tracing Notification Scam. So, follow this article in detail and get updates about it in detail.

Scam Notification Tracing:

Recently the governing body of Cornwall has been warned because lots of fake notification has been pushed about covid and want people to do NHS tests on a particular area so that scammers can easily trace a person’s document.

These are the few things that we came to know from online sources. Police had already started an investigation into this fake trace scam. If we find the police have arrested anyone, we will provide you with this update regarding the Tracing Notification Scam.

How is this tracing scam going on?

We came to know a few details about this scam. People have started to receive that a COVID-positive person stays near you. Tap on this link to identify them now. It is an example text that we have provided you. 

After clicking that link, scammers can easily get all the important details of the person, and it also helps them scam with their money. It will be better not to tap on those links and stay away from these text messages.

How to quit Tracing Notification Scam?

If you have accidentally clicked on those links, a few options that you need to perform to get out of those scams are as follows:

  • Immediately you java to report that web link you got from the unknown text.
  • Never provide an email address and password on any page where they request you to fill in all the details.
  • If you have a password, change it quickly before scammers access it.
  • Now you need to block that number that sends a text to you.

These are the basic steps that everyone who has received this type of text needs to follow to save themselves from Tracing Notification Scam.

Why are people now searching for this topic?

People are searching for this topic to know the steps to apply after becoming part of this scam. Hence this topic is now becoming a trend across the web, and people are searching for it.

Final Verdict:

Based on the research from the web, nowadays, new scams appear where various people have received a text. In that text, someone says to know covid person nearer to them by pressing those links. Then scammers are scamming people.

Have you heard any updates regarding the Tracing Notification Scam? If you know some other news, share it with us by writing a review. Moreover, click here and learn more about Notification Scams.

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