Town Of Us Among Us (April 2021) New Mod With New Roles!

Town Of Us Among Us 2021

Town Of Us Among Us (April 2021) New Mod With New Roles! >> The write-up shares details about the new MOD of the famous game, and the new roles.

Do you want to play the new MOD Town of Us Among Us? It is the latest MOD in the famous social deduction game. It is the combination of different roles, and players can play it together in a vast MOD.

The new MOD comes with ten different roles, and you can play any role in the game after successfully downloading the MOD on your device. The MOD is available for easy downloading for Worldwide players. 

The new MOD has different roles, and each part has different jobs to perform. You may download it online and start playing on your device.

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What is Town of Us Among Us MOD?

Among Us is the famous social deduction game over the internet, and it has huge fan followers Worldwide. The developers and streamers keep on launching a new MOD of the game, and one such MOD launched recently is the Town of Us MOD. 

The Town of Us MOD allows the players to play the modified version of the game in ten different roles. The MOD comes with ten different roles, including jester, mayor, sheriff, lovers, mafia, swapper, time master, investigator, shifter, and engineer.

Players can opt to play any role in the MOD version. However, more roles would be added in the future in Town of Us Among Us MOD. 

Since it is the new MOD version of the game, players have to download it from 3rd party website. It is not related to the game server, and hence you need to download it from unknown sources online.

How to Get the Town of Us MOD?

As mentioned, the MOD is only available for download at the 3rd party website. Players need to download the MOD file on their device and install it to enjoy playing the game. 

  • Players have to download the ZIP file from the online sources
  • Locate the folder of the MOD game on your device
  • Double click on the folder to extract the ZIP file
  • Create a copy of the game
  • Drag the files from the folder into the game and run the .exe files
  • Turn the game on and start playing the Town of Us Among Us MOD  

What are the Characters Added in Town of Us MOD?

  • Mayor – It is the role that has the right to vote multiple times.
  • Jester – The character has no task, and it can vote out other roles.
  • Sheriff – The character focuses on killing the imposters.
  • Lovers – It is a dual character that loves each other.
  • Mafia – It is a group of imposters.
  • Engineer – The character fixes the damages across the game map.
  • Shifter – It has no role in the game.
  • Swapper – The character can swap two people’s votes in the meeting.
  • Investigator – The character can see the movements of other characters.
  • Time Master – The character can reverse the time, and all players will go back to previous levels. 


Town of Us Among Us is the new MOD that players are enjoying. We have found a video review on the new MOD, and in the comment section, many players have shared positive feedback about the MOD. 

Apart from ten new roles, there are extras like new colours and rainbow colours. Are you already playing the MOD version? Please share your views in the comment section.

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