Tord Animation Funky Friday (May) Checkout Details!

Tord Animation Funky Friday (April) Checkout Details!

Tord Animation Funky Friday (May) Checkout Details! >> Explore and know more about the latest updates on animations and songs for your online games

Do you want funky animations in your online game? There is the news over many social media platforms about funky Friday update again recently. Users can now watch their statistics also for each song.

The article is helpful for the funky people who like funky animations in their Roblox games. Please scroll down to know the complete details of the recent update by Tord.  Many users are heating the social media platforms about Tord Animation Funky Friday in the United States and worldwide.

What Are The Songs Statistics To View In Funky Friday?

There is a recent update by Tord where users can see the stats of their songs, such as Ballistic, Blammed, Bad Apple, Beathoven, Dunk, Dad Battle (Neo), and many more.

Besides, user can see their high score, total plays, and maximum accuracy. There are also statistics available for average accuracy and the average score for the player statistics of the users.

Many new animation updates are launched, including Tricky, Pico, Mom, Carol, Ruv, Funky Penguin, Matt, Star Platinum, Thorns, Kapi, Parents, Admiral, Puppet, and a lot more.

Scroll down to know more about Tord Animation Funky Friday and enjoy funky animations and songs.

How Do You Play The Animated Song?

The cost of Tord is 1100 points and plat it after purchasing. Once you tap on the song selector, you can play it as easy, normal, or hard with Norway or Tordbot. Its first animation song is Norway.

Many users in the United States and worldwide are thrilled and excited while they enjoy the funky music. The score increases while you enjoy the song. You will see the animated characters dancing and enjoying the funky music.

The music introduced is very joyful. Users are enjoying it and are trying each update.

What Is Tord Animation Funky Friday?

It is a recent Tord update by introducing funky music. The cost of Admiral in this update is 1300 points. Besides, there is Tordbot’s shortest song, which is named war XD. 

You can enjoy its spectacular music with the animated characters dancing on it. Your score will also increase while you play this shortest song, a very short XD.

What Is The Additional Tord Update?

Besides the animated song update, there is an additional Tord update where users can see the arrow near the users’ fight. You can go through the online platform to know more about Tord Animation Funky Friday.

The Tordbot gameplay has showcased Tord Animations costing 1100 points and many more funky Friday animations. You can also get animations for 450 points. Check the Carol 3 gameplay and increase your score or get Sky animations for 750 points.

Get funky with these Roblox funky Friday updates, and enjoy your game. Tap here to read more about the Tord update.

Final Verdict:

This blog has made all the funky people informed about the animations that users can get with Tord animations. They can get all animations with specific points. You can also increase your score while playing these funky animations in Roblox.

Please write your views about this article in the end. Do you want to get crazy with Tord Animation Funky Friday? Grab them with points. 

To know more about Tord updates, please watch these videos: 

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