Top Thrill Dragster Accident {Aug} Know The Severity!

Top-Thrill-Dragster-Acciden 2021

Top Thrill Dragster Accident {Aug} Know The Severity! >> Read this article to reveal some facts behind an accident at Cedar Point and reveal how the park authorities are reacting to the same.

Have you ever thought of being hit by the roller coaster parts? Do you also find it risky to be around at such rides?

Various amusement parks allow visitors to enjoy roller coaster rides. These all are widely enjoyed by people worldwide. However, one of the most famous parks in the United States recently is in the news for its accidental coverage.

The Top Thrill Dragster Accident occurred at this park, and people are eager to know how the same happened. Scroll down the headings mentioned below to know the details.

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Details of the Accident: 

Recently on 14th August 2021, an injury was reported at Cedar Point. In this accident, a female visitor was found injured. She was waiting in the queue for her roller coaster ride turn.

Wondering if she was not riding, then how did the accident happen?

A small metal object hit her came flying from far away. Unfortunately, it was a disengaged part of the roller coaster, and that struck her. A park spokesman has confirmed this.

When did the Top Thrill Dragster Accident take place?

As already mentioned, the guest was merely waiting in line for her Top Thrill dragster roller coaster turn. This happened at around 4.30 PM, as per the spokesman’s confirmations. The roller coaster is known to record the speed of around 120 miles per hour in even less than four seconds, as claimed by the park’s website.

Soon after the injury, the guest was rushed to Fireland Regional Medical Center as infirmed by Sandusky Fire Department. The visitor’s condition or her medical state has not been disclosed yet.

How did visitors react to the accident?

Top Thrill Dragster Accident was a traumatic experience, not only to the queue members but also for all the park visitors, especially the present children.

An 11-year-old child waiting for the ride with her friend said that she heard chaos from the platform near her, and soon after, there were shouting to stop the ride by the crowd.

The park’s emergency team soon reported to the place and responded with immediate actions. The 11-year-old stated that they are shaken by this accident.

What are the measures taken by Cedar Point?

The Park spokesman added to the Top Thrill Dragster Accident that they are concerned about visitors’ health and will support her till the end. Further, they added that they had closed their rides, especially this Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster. This will remain closed until they have a complete investigation for the same. For now, they have more focus on the injured family.

Final Verdict:

This is not the first time that a similar accident has taken place at amusement parks. There have been many previous cases similar to these. To know More About These Events, read here.

Do you also think that these parks hold some risks? What do you think about this Top Thrill Dragster Accident article? Comment your views about the same in the comments section below.

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