Top 10 Outdoor Planters for Every Budget & Garden Style

Best Top 10 Outdoor Planters for Every Budget & Garden Style

Flower window box planters have a unique way of creating beautiful liveliness in your home. It’s only fair that you have outdoor planters and pots that showcase your array of flowers. Picking out the perfect planter is essential for the style you want to create.

Plants bring many benefits to your garden, including vibrant colors and different textures that will match any home style, ranging from rustic to modern. You can place self-watering planters for easy maintenance.

Fun fact: There have been numerous studies that show that houseplants boost mood, increase productivity, reduce stress and fatigue, and detoxify the air by absorbing airborne contaminants.

Below, we’ve picked out the 10 best outdoor planters that will add unique flair to your garden.

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1.  Large Outdoor Planters

Large outdoor or indoor planters are a special way to add color and texture to your garden. These large planters can be used outdoors or indoors, in spaces

such as restaurant entrances, hotel lobbies, or on your front porch. They are mainly used to add depth to walkways or gardens, like in front of your windows outside or lining walkways.

Large planters are the most popular way to decorate your home and come in multiple styles and colors. Choose from options like a ceramic beige, or maybe you’d like to have a transparent fiberglass planter for a more modern look.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with large planters for your home to add an eccentric style to your garden area.

2.  Deck Railing Planters

Rail planters are a lovely way to spice up your gardening decor. They can be placed inside or outside (although usually deck planters are placed outside) to complement a window from the outside or enhance a foyer in a public entrance hall.

If you’d like something ready to use somewhere around your patio or porch, patio rail planters are probably the best choice. Railing planters come in various materials like metal, plastic, macrame, porcelain, and much more!

3.  Rectangular Planters

If you like privacy on your patio, outdoor rectangular planters might be the better option. You can definitely nestle a rectangular planter outside to display blooms and herbs of your choice.

These outdoor planters are more broad than tall, so they can definitely cover your side of a patio fence without obstructing the neighbor’s view over the railings.

If you have a limited space, you can still achieve this private look with a railing planter instead!

4. Square Planters

Square planters can also be used outdoors or indoors. They define a space and are used to create a decorative accent.

These planters are usually smaller than your regular large planters or rectangular planters, so if you have limited space, outdoor square planters might be the best option.

Although you can have an larger square planter, it’ll probably be best to go with

large outdoor planters instead, unless you really love that simple yet modern look the square shape gives.

5.  Wall Planters

Space-saving wall planters create serenity and a peaceful environment indoors and outdoors.

Succulents are the most popular plant for wall hanging planters that are placed indoors because of their striking difference from other plants. Succulents are also the easiest to take care of.

Hanging planters have a sleek, show-stopping look that will complement any balcony or giant wall space indoors.

6.  Modern Planters

Modern planters have become popular over time, as they accessorize your home effortlessly when you add a simple piece to your patio or living space.

Modern planters fit seamlessly into your outdoor space or your interior design with a splash of neutral or vibrant color. The most common types of modern planters are terra cotta planters, metallic planters, concrete outdoor planters, steel, and more!

It’s easy to get that sleek, minimal style that’ll enhance your living space with a modernized look.

7.  Tall Planters

Anchor your interior or exterior doors with versatile tall planters to bring visual balance and height to your design. You can fill up your planters with cascading flowers, lush palms, or trailing ivy to blend in with their surroundings.

Tall outdoor planters or interior planters are an excellent addition to the entrance of your home, the hallway, porch, patio, balcony, and more. They help to develop an ethereal focal point in the design of your home.

Tip: Try to use the sun as a guide to picking the perfect plants for your tall porch or patio planters to ensure liveliness within your home.

8.  Ceramic Planters

Ceramic planters can add beautiful high gloss throughout your entire home, creating an eclectic style that comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ceramic planters adjust to any design style, including modern, contemporary, eclectic, and traditional designs alike. Ceramic planters are great for tropical plants because they are able to retain moisture longer than their counterparts.

9.  Planters on Wheels

You may never have heard of outdoor planters on wheels. This is a relatively new concept that has plant lovers on edge!

Usually these outdoor planters have caster wheels, and you’re able to move them around if you ever feel like redesigning your outdoor patio or balcony. This gives you flexibility within your exterior or interior living space to move them to sunnier or shadier spots.

The wheels also make moving planters around much easier (and more fun)!

10. Urn Planters

Keep it neoclassical when it comes to outdoor planters (if you’d like, that is).

Urn-style planters feature a beautiful and timeless silhouette that’s reminiscent of Greco-Roman pottery.

Regular-sized urn planters are best flanking your front door, while tall planters might be better paired with your patio or balcony to bring symmetry.

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Maybe you learned something new today, or kind of want to just see what’s out there in the market.

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